what it is

SEBISOFT is an artist name, which I’ve been using since the year 2000 to sign projects and private work.

where the name comes from

My grandfather Dr. Josef Wüst was a Danube Swabian, who lost his home during the war. In order to preserve memories of his the lost villages, he created a small news paper called “Dorftrommler”. To speed things up when creating his small news paper, my father gave him computer lessons. At the end of the computer course, my father created a small certificate for him, saying that he has successfully completed the computer course of “HEBISOFT”. Signing the certificate with “HEBISOFT” has actually been a little joke, mixing my fathers family name “Hebenstreit” with “Microsoft”. However, when spending time with my grandfather, I often seen the certificate hanging on the wall and later on, when the internet started to came up, I was looking for a good nickname. It turned out that my nickname “Sebi” has been already reserved at several online services and the result of some brainstorming for a new nickname eventually brought me to “SEBISOFT”. Since the year 2000, I’ve been using the artist name “SEBISOFT” for many of my projects and as nickname at various social networks.

projects of SEBISOFT

The first projects have been some movies, which I cut during my education at the secondary modern school. Later on, during my education at the Higher Technical Institute, my interests changed and I started to build websites. The first challenge has been to teach myself HTML and CSS, followed by PHP and SQL.

  • client: Drives & Motion Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
  • challenge: setting up a Joomla based website – offline

  • client: KLEIN & CO. – Mietwagen KG
  • challenge: project manager for the developing team

  • client: SZU HTL Ungargasse Wien 1030
  • challenge: students were able to book courses the teachers posted – we counted over 25.000 site views on the first day – got updated in the meantime through a global interface by Brammer plc

  • client: Brammer Austria Industrie Service GmbH
  • challenge: match the strict Brammer international design standard

  • client: private project
  • challenge: a small and simple website

  • client: my class at the height technical school in Vienna
  • challenge: I had to learned HTML, CSS and PHP in order to created this page