Today I had to stand up (like each day ;) at 6:30 am
Because it rained during the night quite a lot, it got really cold – it only had about 10°C (50° Fahrenheit) outside …

That made me getting quite fast awake :P

I arrived 10 minutes to late at my work, because they closed a street and so on the bus went a longer way around the street building site, but actually it wasn’t any problem, because I have anyway flexible working time ;P

The day went by really fast, because I’m getting a better used in the stuff I’m writing and it’s really interesting and cool to write and work in MS Web Developer :)
A workmate (I met him today the first time, because he was in holiday at last week ;) took me along for half of my route (till Altringham) – where he dropped me off at the police station … – I went over there, because I lost my wallet on last Monday and wanted to report this …
After I did it I perfectly reached the next bus, and so on I arrived fortunately at my campervan :)

The weather started pretty good in the morning, but I soon know it won’t hold during the whole day (I’m in Great Britain – it must rain at least once a day over here :P ) – and so on it started to rain in the afternoon …
Now it stopped again, but I don’t think, it will stay for a long time dry ;P

Today I will go soon to bed, because I’m pretty tired – to concentrate a total of 7 hours a day makes you really tired ;P

Kind Regards

I went up today after 10 am and decided after I had a comfortable breakfast to go shopping at the Trafford shopping centre, which is really big :)

Over there I bought some new sandals and some food (toast, bread and a little packkage of milk from England).
I also brought a box of tissue, because I ran out of them ;)

After a meal at Subway (btw.: never ever eat at an English Subway -> it taste not nearly as good as normally -> I really didn’t enjoy it ! :P ) I took the next bus …
It got to a small adventure, as I realized, that the next bus had the right number (I needed a bus with number 100), but my bus drove into the wrong direction …
So actually I travelled around in whole Manchester, till I got to the end station, where I had to wait 25 minutes, till the next bus (with number 100 ;) took me to my place …
It was quite interesting, to see this area – I used the bus trip as a sightseeing tour ;P

Now I wend back home and spent a lot time in answering mails ;)
I will now quickly eat dinner, take a shower and go to bed early, because tomorrow I have to get up again at 6:30 am – which isn’t very easy ;P

Today the weather wasn’t that bad … – the sun shone a lot and it got soon pretty warm :)
But at evening the weather turned again in typical British weather ;P
A short electrical storm came across and it started to rain again – so on the air get cold again – at the moment it only has about 13°celsius (55.5° Fahrenheit) outside – brrr ;P

Kind Regards

We actually just slept about 3 or 4 hours, till we woke up again and decided to go on with our trip …
So on we started the van and went back onto the highway …
Few hours later we made a first stop to eat something – but this took us just about 15 minutes …

Actually after a long time we got closer and closer to Belgium
We made a last stop at the border, to fill up our tank again – but actually I found out later, that the fuel is not much expensive over there – just few cents …

It was quit funny at this gas station, because as I took the diesel tube and put in into the campervan a mans voice asked over the speakers for number 5 to come into the shop … – so I went over there and asked him, why he want me to come into the shop, before filling up my van.
He told me, that I’m not having a German or Belgium car registration number and so on I have to pay before filling up my van.
I didn’t know, how much I will need to fill in (because I just planed to fill up, till my tank will be full) – after I told him this he answered, that the police is standing right behind the shop and I should not have the idea to drive away without paying ;P
– crazy … – how ever – I filled up and went back into the shop to pay … – after paying the shop employee explained me, that the police won’t go over there behind people, which does not have a German or Belgium registration number, because they are not allowed by the law :P
So on they had in the future really often the problem, that people from Netherlands filled up over there and just drove away, without paying – because they known that ;P
I asked him, if they can’t just accuse them …
He told me, that they tried it couple of times, but they never won the fight and so one they just changed there system … – now everybody, who is not from Germany or Belgium have to pay first, before filling up there cars :P

We soon went back on the highway and got pretty fast close to Brussels and into a bad traffic jam.
Anna tried to phone a friend over there, to pick there up, but he didn’t go on the phone and so on we decided, to drive thought Brussels and visit the Atomium (pretty cool building :)
Brussels isn’t really big – not nearly as big as Vienna … – but a nice small city …
We drove a bit around – just for sightseeing – Anna showed me the house, she lived in a few (I think) years ago …
After this we quickly took a break at the Atomium – we didn’t go into it, but it was really nice, to stand under it – it’s a amazing building =)

Here is a beautiful photo of me in front of the Atomium:

and another picture from Anna – with closed eyes ;P

and just the amazing Atomium ;)

After making a few photos, I brought Anna to the main train station … – she already had known the time, her train will be over there – but as we got over there it took us couple of rounds around the main train station, till we fount a place to park …
– it also rained a bit and so on we searched for something pretty close to the door …
In Belguim it’s like in nearly each big city – it’s always hard to find a parking place in the centre …
Actually we found one and recognised, that we only had about 5 minutes left, till her train will go.
So we each took a big case and a suitcase and started running – we reached the train in the really really (really ;) last second – there wasn’t time left for Anna to by a ticket – she just jumped in and as soon as I dropped the cases into the train the door closed and the train went on …
Anna bought her ticket later at the train guard – and so one she soon got to her goal, which was Amsterdam :)

After this stressfully running I went relaxed back to my camper and started over there to install all my technical equipment, which I needed, to find out of Brussels ;)

Actually I found my best way really easy with the help of my navigation system iGO out of the city – it was much easier then I first thought it will get …
On the way out I stopped again at a gas station, to fill up again – I had enough fuel, but it was pretty cheap over there :P

So I now drove alone on into the direction of my car ferry – I fast got closer and closer to my goal and because of I felt at that moment pretty good (but I only had about 4 hours sleep ;) I decided to drive till I will reach my ferry …

After few stops for relaxing I reached at about 8:30 pm the boarder to France and about 10pm my car ferry harbour.
I asked over there, if I’m already allowed to drive in there special car-on-loading harbour, but they told me, that I have to wait till at least two hours before my ship will go …

I reserved my ferry form Dunkerque (in France ;) to Dover for 8:01am on Saturday 30th June 2007 :P So I had to wait like a lot of other cars on there big parking place …
Because I got tired till over there and it already have been after 10 pm I decided to just park at the truck parking place (which was a bit closer) – over there were already few other campers and I just parked my van next to them :)
Then I wrote quickly a SMS @ my home, that I arrived healthy at my ferry and went (pretty tired :) to bed.

Tomorrow you will here, how I slept one hour longer than planned (but I still reached my ferry) and how my travel went one in Great Britain ;)

Kind Regards

Anna and I finally took off =)
We took a little bit later off, as I expected – actually around
9 pm

At the end everything was really stressful, because my checklist didn’t find an end
There was each time still anything to do …
But finally I did the last things, which I had to do – I fill up the fresh water tanks and installed my mountain bike on the back of the camper van :)

My journey got a bit more exciting as I diagnosed one day in front of departure that half of my technical equipment (Notebook, Pocket PC, GPS and a few other things) crashed, so that they didn’t want to work anymore together …
I first expected to have free internet in the UK – but the USB socket stopped working … – how ever – I known, that I will find a way to fix all these problems ;P

I quick installed my web cam in front of the van (I’m happy, that this technical stuff still worked :), because I planned to take each half minute a picture, so that I can cut it later together to a short movie – I will place it on this blog, as soon as I finished the cutting :)

And finally Anna and I took off and drive through the night …
I had (only :P ) 1896,3 km (1178.3 miles) of route in front of me =)

At the moment we are pretty close to Frankfurt am Main, where we decided to make a longer stop and sleep a little bit … – we are bought really tired – only a lot of Coca-Cola and Red Bull helped us, to stay awake …

We actually had a small accident after 387 km (240.5 miles), but that didn’t take us much time …

A small red coloured Mercedes delivery van (from Germany with the number WU HH140) passed us at a route works section, where the street got a bit smaller – he went to fast and too much on our side and so on our mirrors crashed …

At that moment Anna drove the van – but it wasn’t her fault – it was the Mercedes drivers fault and he also admitted this immediately, as soon as we both hold on at the side …
Because only our mirror got broken and we all where really tired at that moment, we fast decided, to let him just quickly pay our mirror and then everybody can go on with there tour.
Actually I always bring a reserve mirror for this van with me – and they are not really expensive – so on I can fix it by my one :)
Only the glass of the small wide angle mirror on the left side has got broken, so it was really no problem to bring the situation to an quick end – and so on we went just 5 minutes later on with our big tour =)

Kind Regards

Todays evening I will (hopefully :P) start my big journey to Great Britain

I already finished all my planning and I also booked a car ferry weeks ago.
Actually I got a pretty good price – it will only cost me € 56,- (USD 76.30, CAD 80.00 and GBP 37.95 ;)
The ferry will take me up in two hours from
France to Great Britain over the north see …

Two days ago I finally changed my route the last time, so that my cousin Anna can drive with me till Brussels (capitol of Belgium) with me.
That will give me finally the option to be a bit faster than I planned, because we can take turns in driving this big van :)

I plan to take off between 6 and 10 pm. We will drive through the nights (and make brakes to sleep on days), because that will keep us away from the possibility to get into bad traffic jam ;)

Today I’m the whole day busy to get my campervan finish … – it’s pretty stressful, because I didn’t had as much time as I expected last week to finish everything … – my school was longer stressful then I planned it will be :P

I will (hopefully ;) write you in my next post, how I finally took off from home ;)

Kind Regards

Hi an welcome to my blog =)

Over here you can easily be up to date,
how I’m doing right now in the
UK :)

This blog is managed in English, because I have many friends from the US, Canada and the UK, who also like to read all the daily stories about my big adventures …

I’m probably not the best English writer you know, but I’m working on it,
to get it to a professional level :)

So if you find any really hard mistake (could be a wrong use of tense or just a wrong spelling ;) please tell me as soon as possible … -> in that case just write me an e-Mail to
– but how ever – I’m always happy about new e-Mails
– so please write me anyway ;P

To explain short, in which big adventure I’m right now:
Half year ago I started to search for a summer job, because I have to work a total of two month behalf of my school education.
To make my work more exciting I asked always for a nice job in any other European countries (except
Germany, Italy and France), because I plant to connect my work experience with training my English in a professional way =)

So I requested few companies and also Brammer Austria, for which I once wrote their whole website – it’s only available in German, but you can take a look anyway: just click here ;)

Few months ago my Austrian boss Karl Mühlbauer told me, that he can maybe organise a nice job in the UK for me. That sounds more than good to me and so on I started to translate my resume into English to send it with an English written job application up to Great Brittan :P

During my spring break, when I stayed for an exchange student program with my school class in San Francisco, I got a first answer from John Cutts =)
– just take a look:
Hi Sebastian,

I am delighted to advise that BRAMMER in the UK are able to offer you a summer work placement in the Information Systems department, based in Manchester.

At your earliest convenience, please can you telephone me so that we can discuss your preferred dates and make the necessary arrangements for your stay in Manchester.


John Cutts
Head of Information Systems

As soon as I returned safety from (the beautiful :)
California, I took my phone and called John, to get more information about my work offer …

In the following weeks I worked out all the details – where will I stay, how do I come over there and what will I need for my journey …

I soon decided that it will be the best way for me, to take my grandmothers old camper van to travel up over there – because then I will have the option to travel a bit around on my free weekends and see a bit more of the UK than only Manchester :)

I started to plan all these things and got in contact with Liz Latimer (very friendly person :) of Brammer UK Ltd., which helped me a lot to find a nice campsite over here.

This blog will start with the day, on which I started with the camper into the direction of Great Britain :)

Hope you will have much fun, with reading all my stories !

Kind Regards