back from Finland – and on my way to the military

Finally my sister Bernadette and I arrived glad back at home in Vienna. The last few days were really hard work, as I went on Saturday up at 5 o’clock and had so far only a nap of 2 and a half minutes (since Steve woke me up again =P )

– but even I’ve been such tired and destroyed at the end, that I fallen in the air plain asleep, before they started with the safety instructions – you could feel, how much positive energy we all together produced during the last few days. As we finally stood at midnight in a big circle and 250 hold on each other – looking into 125 mostly tiered, but very very happy faces – gives you a undecidable good feeling.
It was hard work and I had to give a lot of energy, but all this was it absolutely worth =)
I got sooo much good feedback by all the campers and staff members and I really look forward, to be next year as well part of the staff team.  To help realise the idea, of creating a lot new friendships =)

I actually didn’t made a lot of pictures … – here are the few pictures I took with my mobile phone ;)
-more pictures can be found at the KONE camp website – click here ;)

KONE Camp 2008

Looking foreward to Finland 2008 =)

As I will fly in few weeks to Finland, to help as staff member at the KONE global youth camp, I just started to think about some fun stuff, I will bring with me to over there … – or at least what I will sing at the lost-and -found-game =P
To give you an example what I’m talking about, I found a youtube clip, with a sketch they performed in 2007 … – the fastest kiss including a pretty unexpected ending ^^