information about the KONE camp 2003

-well, I have been there, but that was at a point of time, I haven’t had fast Internet ^^
… but already dreamed (even not having a fast internet connection ;) about having my own website …
-and when I returned from the camp, I started the first time in my life, to explore the possibilities with online connections =)
As my main e-mail address at that point of time was my Hotmail account, I have founded a MSN group for our team “009” from the camp site – it worked also great and nice, but just for a few weeks, until the group was running out of motivation =P
As Microsoft likes to delete old stuff as well as old groups, which are not any more in use, the group got killed ^^
-and as I haven’t used my Hotmail account once for over 30 days, all my e-mail contact’s got deleted as well =P
Actually don’t know, if Microsoft still as an such strange few abut all this – but just want to tell them “thank you” over here … – thank you for being such unopen to the world, 3rd part companies and everything else …

They finally have got me so far,to change to other providers -and just want to really thank them, as I maybe other vise never would have got up to GMX, GMail and at least to WordPress =P

thank you Microsoft – you have changed my life ! =)
-in such a positive way, that my next computer will be pretty  sure a Mac ;)
Without Microsoft, I’m sure my life would have taken other routes … – and I’m not talking over here about negative things … – it was very good, to grow up with Microsoft – they definitely have changed my life to what it is right now (not everything – but many points ;)¬† …
-but just got sick of the problems they bring with them … – maybe it has just got boring – how ever … – I thank them for being in my life … – but plan to explore now at first Apple – and then maybe sometimes come back to them ;)

Well, his post is usually about the KONE cap 2003 … – but as there isn’t much digital information about it up to the web, I can’t link you to more stuff ^^
(even haven’t had a digital camera at that point of time ^^ ;)

… that’s pretty much I can tell about the KONE camp 2003 – by side of the fact, that it was in my eyes the cam with the really best games =)
(well, maybe that’s affected by the fact, that it was my first camp ;)