I wouldn’t say, I’m finished with travelling and I’ve been everywhere – NO –  I’m just about to start! =)
But as the year 2009 is over and I’m back home in Langenzersdorf  (close to Vienna, Austria)
here comes my BIG WORLD TOUR 2009 REVIEW !!!


Exactly one year ago on the 12.02.2009, I’ve started my big world tour straight from Vienna to New York City, USA!
I’ve started off with a big, but not very detailed plan to travel the world.
My purpose was to meet many interesting people, get an opener world-view, survive 1000+1 crazy adventures and find myself.
One year ago I hit into New York City, only having my big pack bag and about US$ 25,- cash.
No hotel booked – no address to go … but you could see the optimism, motivation and happiness in my face! =)
Often I’ve travelled in such a speed and still elegant way, I’m now a days not sure, how I’ve done it.
Still I know, once I’m back on the route, my instinct will make me find my way – always following the motto: “go with the flow”!
It was the start of something new …

When I started my crazy tour I had a long list in my head.
A list of crazy things, I want to do – try out – or I have to think about …
And the final outcome was a full success!
I’ve learned way more about life, than I would have imagined!
I’ve found way more answers to questions, than I hoped to find! and …
I’ve been up to way more crazy situations and adventures, than I would ever have imagined!

In the past I’ve experimented how to travel for places, which turned out being not as interesting, as many places never change.
This time I was going to do it different – I was travelling to meet interesting people!
Therefore the network was a big help for me, meeting a lot of interesting, motivated persons and find many new friends!
My usual “not-planned-in-detail”-plan was to get once around the world.
But as I always went where the route brought me, I haven’t done a full turn yet – but that’s probably only a question of time! ;)
Not a lot of points in my life are fix by now  – but one thing is clear: I want to meet more people and see much more new places! =)

It was a short year of immense fun and much studying about life! =)
Here are just a few big points, I’ve learned and/or done:  (the list is in absolutely no order ;)
– improve my English skills
– start speaking (baby-)Spanish
– learn how to travel with a small budget
– learn how to build up a big friendship network
– learn how to cook
– learn how to couch surf
– take a course, how to give a professional Swedish body massage
– do the PADI open water diving course
– learn how to hitchhike
– learn how to love
– realize how horrible slow the Internet in the jungle can be
– find out how to sleep in a hammock
– roll down a hill in a real sand desert
– enjoy the feeling of having sand in every opening of your body
– find out how hot is lava
– taste 1000+1 new things to eat
– learn how some of those things you’ve eaten can damage your stomach
– give free hugs
– become through long training a professional mosquito killer (!)
– walk with a small candle in swimming cloths through a dark water-cave
– see 1000 bats flying around your
– find a lot of Geocaches (
– take a class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
– watch Mariachi playing
– party a lot! =)
– take about 14.000 photos
– survive the H1N1 epidemic in Mexico (I gladly never got sick! :)
– meet the Evil Monkey (in Tegucigalpa)
– enjoy the Caribbean beach at day and night
– learn how to destroy a guitar
+ find true love -> my sweet girlfriend! <3

!!! THANK YOU !!!
I want to say thank you to my family and all my friends,
who supported me so much and offered me a save network,
in case something would have turned out to fail!
Thank you to all couch hosts, who have shared their home with me!
Us will always connect the often short, but good time we had!
Kay in New York City, USA
Bill in Allentown, PA, USA
Natalie in Toronto, Canada
Julia in Toronto, Canada
Elizabeth in Montreal, Canada
Elizabeth in Boston, USA
Tova in Boston, USA
Ahmed in Mexico City, Mexico 2x
Liu&Yan in Helsinki, Finland 2x
Amado in Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Javier in San Salvador, El Salvador
Sujue & Ting in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Ying Lan Liu in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Cinthya in San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2x
Thank you for all my friends, who have helped me among my long way!
Thank you to all the nameless people, who showed me the way, when I tried to find a specific place! ;)
Thank you to for this free website and which gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with all my friends!
Thank you to my sweet girlfriend, for loving me so much! <3

At the moment I’m searching for a job to fill up my wallet again. (feedback/help/offers welcome ;)
The future is by now not fix, but I definitely want to see the rest of the world!
… the story will go on – stay up-to-date over this website! ;)
I plan to finish my pack-bag-YouTube video soon! You won’t miss it! =)


Isla Utila 2009
San Pedro Sula 2009
Tela 2009
Tegucigalpa 2009
San Salvador 2009
Helsinki Day KONE Global Youth Camp 2009
Iximche 2009
Antigua 2009
Semuc Champey 2009
Tikal 2009
Isla Mujeres 2009
Mexico 2009
Mexico City 2009
Torreon 2009
Zacatecas 2009
Dallas 2009
Boston 2009
Montreal 2009
Toronto 2009
Allentown 2009
New York City 2009

Review of Boston

The city where our daily knowledge gets created.
When I’ve arrived in Boston, I didn’t know, that it’s the main city of Universities in the USA. Not only the tomorrows technology and history starts here, also in the past, Boston light up the way for everybody else.
It’s the city, where you can find the history of the United States of America. Where the idea of being liberty and becoming one big nation was born.
Even the history of the USA seems to be quite young in the eyes of an European, it’s still very impressive, what this big country was going through.
The Harvard University, one of the most popular Universities of the world, has already found it’s place here, before the USA was officially born. It seems, like the good ideas of our western society are getting a last time proven by the Universities, before they will be passed on to everybody. For each field, you can find Universities, experts and professors here.
That Boston is the last step, to create something new, is shown by many examples. It needed a tea party, to create a new country, there subway system was the first tunnel system in North America and with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) almost each Astronaut from the USA started his mission here.
The business network of the Harvard University, is definitely one of the economic engines for the western world.
Most of the Nobel Prize winners are linked to Harvard and even the first Microsoft Windows code was written there.
Boston as Capitol of the Universities and there work, has formed our history in the past and is working right now, to create our future. The Universities and all the smart people, meeting here at this wonderful place, to think about tomorrow. Boston is, by side of New York City, for sure one of the big engines for our society and the real American dream.
Boston is a beautiful green and clean city. The people are very friendly, as everybody seems to be just guest in this nice city, for the time he or she is studying about a certain problem or challenge. Some people I’ve met were very much focused on there work, which is there job and the reason, why they are at exactly this point of time at that place!

A wonderful place, where the American thinking was born and still gets created.

Review of Montreal

Even it only takes a few hours to drive from Toronto to Montreal, it seems, you would enter a new world.
For sure I’ve heard before, that Quebec is different, but I didn’t expect it to be such different!
Montreal is a very pretty and slim fit city. I’ve heard from many people, that I would find over there the most Europe like city. I guess, they are right, as Montreal got very much tradition from France. For myself, Toronto felt more like home and Europe, but I guess that’s because I’ve spent much more time exploring the English culture, than I did in the French.
Montreal is, rather than Toronto, build up and based on little things. Everything is build out of many little pieces, where one piece isn’t similar to any other one. If you take for example a closer look on a fence, you realize, that each single piece is an unique. Rather than in our European culture, where each single fence piece would be an unique, but would look pretty exactly the same to each other.
Even they would have for sure the knowledge, to build big and tall buildings, most of the houses only have 3 to 5 levels and all look a bit different from each other.
Most apartments are only reachable from outside. Even the upper flats in a building are only reachable through a small stairs construction on the front side of the building. To be honest, I can’t really understand, why they build it this way, as it gets very cold there in the winter and snow will give them an extra challenge. On the other hand, they are saving a lot of energy by not having to heating the stair ways.
I would really be interested in the stairs-accidence-statistic of this city! =P
Montreal is gently, beautiful and very sexy!
I never really got into the French culture so far, but Montreal started to get my attention for that. I could imagine, to live there for couple of years, take a journey into the French language and enjoy my life, by being in harmony with small things in my life.
This city has something magic and I’m not only talking about the many pretty girls. My friend Dean from Australia told me on our drive to this beautiful city, why I will find a lot of sexy girls there. During the second world war, France has sent a lot of pretty girls to Quebec, as France was a too dangerous place during that time. Many of them never returned and have built up there own culture in Canada.
Montreal is the French city, where everybody is going by bike in the summer, where you set a lot of priority in very good food and where you can enjoy finding the small moments in your life, as the important ones.
A very romantic city, which let you hear it’s own lovely nature melody, when you enjoy a slow walk though one of the many beautiful parks. – or get lost in a fir tree by searching for a Geocache !!! =P
This city will definitely see me again! – and even it’s French, I’m looking for the first time of my life, VERY MUCH forward to it! =)

Review of Toronto

Toronto – the most gentle city in north America. The place, where people like to treat each other in the right way and care about there environment. A silent and clean place, based on some smart inventions and the British tratition.
It’s the place, I definitely would like to spent some more relaxing days in my life. The place, I might settle down, when I got tired from travelling.
This wonderful city gives you a lot of options, to enjoy a lot of fun and explore beautiful places. The way, you will get from one amazing event to the next one, will always go totally silent and comfortable.
Walking through Toronto feels like exploring the updated version of New York City.
smaller – cleaner – smarter – more relaxed – much more colder !
It’s the city, which offers you an amazing great time, as long, as you search for a silent place.
At first it seems like this city misses a fresh power, but when you stay for a couple of days, you realize, why the city’s picture is such bright, beautiful and clean.
It seems like new ideas are getting another check, before something new gets realized. This system doesn’t make Toronto to the city, where they will find the newest inventions of our planet, but it makes it become a very modern city, which combines the smartest ideas from everywhere.
A very good public transport system, a strong community and the cold, but clean air, gives this city it’s feeling.
Toronto will definitely see me again! ;)
A place, where the people like to tread each other in a nice way.
The city you want to settle down for a long period and enjoy a very relaxed time! =)

Review of Emmaus, Allentown and Macungie

Only when you’ve been there and enjoyed living in this beautiful area, you can understand, why the people over there, like to trust in god. Thanking him for the present he gave them, as he must have been the one, who created this wonderful place.
The middle of Pennsilvania, a place not to far from New York City, the city, many Americans have started from, at some point in there families history.
A place, with history and where the history gets written down. Many people have brought tradition with them, when they arrived at this paradise.
Living there feels like staying in the updated version of the tratitional Europe. The new Europe, the bigger Europe, but in some way also the lite version of Europe, as the American life and dream is included a lot.
Everyone got a lot of space, but the villages are staying together. Less tratition, but at least more tratition than you can find at many other places in the USA.
It’s the place, you can relax from the never ending stress, which comes from the coast.
To walk through these villages almost feels too peaceful, to be part of the USA.
You don’t feel the war, you don’t feel any kind of crime and you can’t immagine having all these atomary weapons.
You see an open sky, immagine about endless options and get off all the negative thoughts of your life.
I came and saw, why people like to live there. Even you are totally lost over there whithout having your own car, it’s definitely a place in the USA, I could immagine to stay longer.
Small villages, always including a beautiful church, connected through a network of long roads with each other, in a beautiful green nature.
Only when you move to the Greyhound station in Allentown, you get pushed back to the reality. Only at this place, which is the gate to the rest of the USA, you get confrotated with all the recent problems of the United States. All the negative newslines, which are running endless through the cable TV.
And you start thinking about turning around and moving back to the peaceful place, you just came from.
It was a nice experience, to stay in this beautiful area! It’s definitely one of the places I want to return to and one of the few places, I can immagine to live longer.
It’s the place to find trust in god!

Review of New York City

New York City – the city above an underground city, which never seems to sleep and where smoke comes out the gully.
Most of the things I’ve heard about NYC before, where negative or bad news.
The first day, I’ve crashed into NYC already impressed me a very lot!
I’ve soon realized, that this city, based on the typical American dream, is not perfect, but seems to work, as everybody keeps things moving.
Nothing seems to be organized, but as everything moves, you will reach your goals anyhow anytime.
Already realized this, when we have driven in the bus crazy through Manhatten to find the international youth hostel.
The traffic, as well as the subway system and even the airplane traffic, seem to be totally unplanned and flexible. When you stand there at the Empire State Building and watch the amazing busy traffic in the air, or stand in the subway station and watch the totallt filled up trains going by, as well, when you stand on the street, looking after all these many cars – you realize, that all this is too much for anybody to plan.
Nobody would be able to controll all this and make sure, everything is always going right.
A city, which never stops running, keeping moved by a population, as big as whole Austria, is definitely one of the strong engines for whole America.
It’s the place, most of all new comers set there first step onto the land, called the USA. Searching for the real American dream and finding at first a big chaos.
Even this city isn’t clean and sometimes a real challenge, it’s definitely where the American dream starts. If you are motivated to work, New York City is a place, where your help is needed, where you might not become a millionaire, but can build up a first base to later build on!
Nearly everybody you meet here, is on the search for the real American dream – someones more successful, others less …
Many homeless people cover the street, but the people over here also understand each other in this way better and like to give and share more from what they got – as they know, those homeless people are just like them on there search for the American dream.
I actually thought, that people will be way more unfriedly, the subway less quality and the place even more dirty, when I’ve booked my flight ticket.
People told me, that it was more worse some years ago, but I’m not sure, if they might just have painted it more worth in there memories.
Just like many people tell, that the typical American dream is over, but at the end it’s just a question about your motivation and definitely still exist.
I was just impressed, that this system really works. It seems like an engine, which always runnes on top speed. Close to the point, it will blow or give up.
It’s definitely not the place and the life, we all want to be in for our whole life time. But it’s the gate, which lead you the way from any other life style or society, into the American one.
As well, it gives Americans, which are open to find there own way again, a option to start again up from zero.
Now as I’ve been there and saw, what NYC must look like for people, which never been before to the USA, I can understand, that 9/11 probably has a bigger meaning then I ever thought about it.
Even I know and still hear a lot, that 9/11 was a big shock for many people, I’m in some way impressed, how easy NYC has dealt with this. The city, which never stops working has just taken on work, like nothing has hidden them.
Something, the USA can definitely be proud of!
There engine hasn’t stopped so far – actually nobody probably knows so sure what keeps it running, but we all are glad about the way it is.
It must be a mix of the American dream, the American patriotism and the trust in god.

Even I’ve been couple of times before in the USA, it was a great experiment to see and walk through the gate, many American dreams have started.
I definitely have to return once again to this amazing place!