I wouldn’t say, I’m finished with travelling and I’ve been everywhere – NO –  I’m just about to start! =)
But as the year 2009 is over and I’m back home in Langenzersdorf  (close to Vienna, Austria)
here comes my BIG WORLD TOUR 2009 REVIEW !!!


Exactly one year ago on the 12.02.2009, I’ve started my big world tour straight from Vienna to New York City, USA!
I’ve started off with a big, but not very detailed plan to travel the world.
My purpose was to meet many interesting people, get an opener world-view, survive 1000+1 crazy adventures and find myself.
One year ago I hit into New York City, only having my big pack bag and about US$ 25,- cash.
No hotel booked – no address to go … but you could see the optimism, motivation and happiness in my face! =)
Often I’ve travelled in such a speed and still elegant way, I’m now a days not sure, how I’ve done it.
Still I know, once I’m back on the route, my instinct will make me find my way – always following the motto: “go with the flow”!
It was the start of something new …

When I started my crazy tour I had a long list in my head.
A list of crazy things, I want to do – try out – or I have to think about …
And the final outcome was a full success!
I’ve learned way more about life, than I would have imagined!
I’ve found way more answers to questions, than I hoped to find! and …
I’ve been up to way more crazy situations and adventures, than I would ever have imagined!

In the past I’ve experimented how to travel for places, which turned out being not as interesting, as many places never change.
This time I was going to do it different – I was travelling to meet interesting people!
Therefore the network was a big help for me, meeting a lot of interesting, motivated persons and find many new friends!
My usual “not-planned-in-detail”-plan was to get once around the world.
But as I always went where the route brought me, I haven’t done a full turn yet – but that’s probably only a question of time! ;)
Not a lot of points in my life are fix by now  – but one thing is clear: I want to meet more people and see much more new places! =)

It was a short year of immense fun and much studying about life! =)
Here are just a few big points, I’ve learned and/or done:  (the list is in absolutely no order ;)
– improve my English skills
– start speaking (baby-)Spanish
– learn how to travel with a small budget
– learn how to build up a big friendship network
– learn how to cook
– learn how to couch surf
– take a course, how to give a professional Swedish body massage
– do the PADI open water diving course
– learn how to hitchhike
– learn how to love
– realize how horrible slow the Internet in the jungle can be
– find out how to sleep in a hammock
– roll down a hill in a real sand desert
– enjoy the feeling of having sand in every opening of your body
– find out how hot is lava
– taste 1000+1 new things to eat
– learn how some of those things you’ve eaten can damage your stomach
– give free hugs
– become through long training a professional mosquito killer (!)
– walk with a small candle in swimming cloths through a dark water-cave
– see 1000 bats flying around your
– find a lot of Geocaches (
– take a class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
– watch Mariachi playing
– party a lot! =)
– take about 14.000 photos
– survive the H1N1 epidemic in Mexico (I gladly never got sick! :)
– meet the Evil Monkey (in Tegucigalpa)
– enjoy the Caribbean beach at day and night
– learn how to destroy a guitar
+ find true love -> my sweet girlfriend! <3

!!! THANK YOU !!!
I want to say thank you to my family and all my friends,
who supported me so much and offered me a save network,
in case something would have turned out to fail!
Thank you to all couch hosts, who have shared their home with me!
Us will always connect the often short, but good time we had!
Kay in New York City, USA
Bill in Allentown, PA, USA
Natalie in Toronto, Canada
Julia in Toronto, Canada
Elizabeth in Montreal, Canada
Elizabeth in Boston, USA
Tova in Boston, USA
Ahmed in Mexico City, Mexico 2x
Liu&Yan in Helsinki, Finland 2x
Amado in Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Javier in San Salvador, El Salvador
Sujue & Ting in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Ying Lan Liu in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Cinthya in San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2x
Thank you for all my friends, who have helped me among my long way!
Thank you to all the nameless people, who showed me the way, when I tried to find a specific place! ;)
Thank you to for this free website and which gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with all my friends!
Thank you to my sweet girlfriend, for loving me so much! <3

At the moment I’m searching for a job to fill up my wallet again. (feedback/help/offers welcome ;)
The future is by now not fix, but I definitely want to see the rest of the world!
… the story will go on – stay up-to-date over this website! ;)
I plan to finish my pack-bag-YouTube video soon! You won’t miss it! =)


Isla Utila 2009
San Pedro Sula 2009
Tela 2009
Tegucigalpa 2009
San Salvador 2009
Helsinki Day KONE Global Youth Camp 2009
Iximche 2009
Antigua 2009
Semuc Champey 2009
Tikal 2009
Isla Mujeres 2009
Mexico 2009
Mexico City 2009
Torreon 2009
Zacatecas 2009
Dallas 2009
Boston 2009
Montreal 2009
Toronto 2009
Allentown 2009
New York City 2009

the long and crazy journey …

I’ve arrived on the 8th of December 2009 a a bit earlier than my sweet love at the airport of Guatemala City.
When I’ve seen my sweet love again, she was already very nervous before her first flight.
First we let pack her big red luggage into blue plastic, which would protect it against all kind of brutal airport transportation.
Then we went to the check-in desk of Mexicana, where we had to fill out the first unnecessary forms from Guatemala’s (not honestly existing) border protection …
After writing my passport number (which nobody ever would check if it’s the correct one) many times, we finally could check-in.
After the check-in we had to go to the airport bank, where we they asked us to pay USD 2,- for airport tax.
Following that we walked a last time outside the airport and taken a last look on Guatemala City. My sweet love called quickly her mum to say good-bye, until we had to move on to the duty-free-area.
We walked through security, where they asked us to even put off our shoes. This is one of the typically things for Guatemala. They don’t really know why they make it and also don’t offer the necessary standard to do it, but they just do it. I think as well, that the USA is already a bit too crazy about all their security stuff, but at least there floors are clean and they give you exact instructions.
The next point was the 100ml liquids limit … my sweet love got a little bit too much in her big hand bag. (I would say about 3 litres too much ;)
While in the USA this limit is strict, Guatemala got the same limit, but handles it more lazy. They put all my girlfriend’s stuff out her bag (and it was clear to see that it has been over 500ml ;) and just put the bag another time through the x-ray machine. Than they put everything back and gave the okay. Normally you need to put everything in those transparent 100ml plastic bags and you are allowed to only have one per person. As my love didn’t had everything in a bag, they just told her, that she should please buy one later and put everything inside bags.
I would also call it bad standard, that in case you need a bag, you can’t just have one for free like in the EU. At their security check you can only buy one.
Anyway, I could talk for ever about bad security checks … so let’s move on with the story …
We walked to our gate, where my sweet love spent the rest of her last minutes on Guatemala’s floor, talking on her mobile phone, saying everybody good-bye.
Our airplane started about 40 minutes too late and I already have seen the problems of our transfer in Mexico City coming closer.
Two hours later we finally landed in Mexico City, still 50 minutes too late.
Actually it was planned, that we would have two hours to change our airplane. As we landed 50 minutes too late, we got only about one hour left.
Badly Mexico picked up part of the border security system from the USA. What you have to go through in Mexico, to change your airplane, is the small version of the USA and a bit less professional.
Even we arrived at Terminal 1 and our connection flight was going to leave from the same terminal, we couldn’t just change the gate …
In Mexico you have to run, like in the USA through all the border and homeland security, even you just want to catch a connection flight.
In Guatemala they weren’t able to check us in for our Lufthansa flight from Mexico City. Following that we had to check-in at Lufthansa in Mexico City, even our luggage was going to be send through.
As soon as we exit the airplane in Mexico City we run to an information desk, where it took them about 3 minutes to let us know that we are at the wrong place and that we have to go through all the border control.
So we speeded up and run the way it say “passport control point”, where we had to wait for half an hour in the long line of people. It was already evening in Mexico City and I got the feeling that the border security personal was already looking forward a lot to go home.
Glad fully they stopped all the H1N1 virus tests and forms. So we were asked to fill out only a total of two unnecessary forms! =P
As soon as we finally went trough border security and got a 30 days tourist visa in Mexico, we continued running.
We only had 30 minutes left until our airplane would start.
Normally we would have needed to go through the homeland security and let our hand luggage check.
As there were million of people standing in those gigantic big lines, I asked a woman quickly, if we have to go through it and as she answered “yes – definitely” I decided to do “no” …
I’ve chosen, that whatever might be the second option, will definitely be faster than standing there in those big lines …
We quickly run the small way it told “national connection flights”.
I’ve known that this way might not be 100% correct, but definitely the option which will raise up the possibility for us to catch our international connection flight.
We run and run and finally came to a small desk, where I asked a lady again, where to go. As we told her that we got an international connection flight she told us as well, that we have to go through homeland security. I wasn’t lucky with her answer, but it turned out we’ve done the right. All the people who got international connection flights were waiting in the big lines and nobody was taking the “wrong” way to “national connections”. Following that, nobody was waiting in lines at the “national connection” homeland security check.
After quickly filling out the last un-useful form, saying that we have no bad things with us, we went through the hand-package x-ray and exit the duty-free-area.
There we have been … outside the terminal and continuing running …
As I’ve already been before at the Mexico City airport, I remembered good, where to go and found the right way very fast.
We run down the big airport hall to the Lufthansa check-in desks. Over there was only one stewardess left. I explained her in hyper-speed where we are going, what’s our flight number, what we went through and what we need … to check-in …
Flash back to the same location a few months earlier, when I missed my flight to Miami, I was very afraid I might hear the same thing again … “no – sorry sir, you came to late to check-in …”
the stewardess checked the computer and my only question has been: “are we checked-in ?”
When she finally answered shortly “you are in” I’ve shot my hands up into the air and shouted out “YEEESSSSSS !!!”
Now I was positive, that we would catch our flight …
Just a few seconds later the stewardess gave us more information and told us, we better hurry up as our flight was just about to start boarding.
Following my short question “left or right”, the stewardess’ answer “right” and a quick “thank you” from my side, we were on our run again.
We run down the big hall and have been lucky, that the security control has been empty. It took us less than a minute to go through the security and we continued running. Our flight has been about 10 minutes too late and so they just started boarding, when we finally arrived where we started in Terminal 1 at the International Airport of Mexico City.
We flown in a Boeing 747 “Jumbo-Jet” over the Atlantic Ocean. The food was not the best but okay and everything has been relaxed now. Even it has been a long flight, it seemed to be much shorter as we slept quite a few hours. From the two playing cinema movies, I’ve actually haven’t watched any. I remember good in old times when I’ve been a little boy and such big flights seemed endless long for me.
We landed in time and without any problems in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany, where we got another 2 hours to change the airplane.
When we exit the airplane, the German police was standing there with a police dog, letting everybody, who is coming form Mexico, go through a very fast check of drugs.
We followed the way through the airport, which should have brought us to a small airport train to switch from one terminal to another.
Badly they forgot to put a sign to the train and so everybody thought we have to exit the airport. Once we run through the passport control, we weren’t able to go back to the train.
Following that we speeded up again our walking to get in time to the right gate. We went outside the terminal and continued walking to the other terminal.
As we already were checked-in we could easily walk back into the duty-free-area.
When we had to run through security again, they stopped both of our hand packages. My ones had a little bit of toothpaste inside, which they considered to be no problem.
My sweet love on the other hand had way to much liquid stuff in her hand bag. In the moment, the security guard started searching her bag, I started talking to him in German and told him, that we already run 3 times through security.
He asked me if it has been in the European Union and I answered that it has been in Guatemala and Mexico. He tried to explain me that the EU has the 100ml liquids limit and let him know, that those countries as well imported this crazy rule from the USA. Following that he gave up searching my sweet love’s big hand bag and answered me without much motivation: “than I guess it has to be okay …”
We continued walking and reached in time our gate, where we both had enough time to use the bathroom one more time, before we would take our last flight.
I opened my girlfriend’s notebook and searched for a WLAN access. For sure they got one in Frankfurt, but like at most international airports, they ask you to pay for it. (NOT AT THE AIRPORT IN VIENNA, AUSTRIA – I LOVE IT !!! =)
Our last flight was filled up with many business travellers and just a small & fast connection between Frankfurt am Mein in Germany and Vienna in Austria.
Our flight took less than two hours and even we got bad weather in Vienna, we landed good and safe.
Everything seemed to be good and we were happy, to finally arrive in Vienna, Austria. Well, lucky us we arrived good … our luggage didn’t …
We went to the Austrian Airlines service office, where they have been very friendly and helped us immediately. they searched in their computer system, found our luggage still waiting in Mexico City and told us, that they will send it during the next days to my home address.
Finally after all this, we were walking out the duty-free-area and I seen my family after so much time again!
A good feeling to come home! =)

back home in Vienna, Austria! =)

After a long but definitely not boring journey, together with my sweet love, we arrived glad back at my home in Austria.
Even it’s already time ago since it has happened, I definitely want to tell you this great story! ;)
I already started to write it down and as much stuff has happened on our long way from Guatemala to Austria, my first written version of our flights got over 1800 words long …
The last days in Antigua were quite stressful … we step back in history to the 8th of December 2009 :)
I finally finished the menu of my friend’s restaurant, my sweet love got more nervous each second and I had to organize many things before I would leave this place, where I’ve stood for such a long time.
I’ve spent the last evening in Antigua together with my good friend Luis and in the end enjoyed having a very short night of only 5 hours, as I finished packing my big pack-bag after midnight.
On the next morning, I stood up early at 6am and started my way to find a barber.
I thought I should cut my long hairs a little bit, before I would return back to home. My friend Luis, as well as my sweet love, both have told me good places. I’ve checked them out, but they were both closed such early in the morning.
Finally I found a barber shop and told this guy, that I would like to get only my hairs in the back cut a tiny little bit.
If I now over think it … as in Guatemala ALL boys have short hairs, it’s actually a quite unlogically idea to choose this place to let your hairs long …
And they got in the end much shorter than I’ve planned …
I didn’t ever recognized the bad cut first and went back to the guest house to take a last shower, before I would start my way to the airport.
I’ve then packed the last rest and made my ways two streets far to the McDonald’s, where we have set the meeting point to.
I haven’t planned to eat lunch there but as I’ve been spontaneously hungry, I thought it might be good to fill myself up before the long flight and enjoyed a BigTasty burger.
I asked two girls from the Netherlands if they want to be in my YouTube video and we quickly took a 3 minutes video clip! =P
Then I waited only for five minutes at the planned meeting point in front of the McDonald’s, until a minivan bus picked me up and brought me directly to the airport.
And the story goes on … as soon as I’ve over-read my super long story about our flights ;P

back to Antigua, Guatemala =)

The following day, Tuesday the 1st of December 2009, the day after my long trip from Honduras back to Guatemala, I got up again quite early at 7am. I’ve taken a short walk from the house I was staying in to a small shop just two streets away. There I bought a bottle of water, when my friend Luis gave me a call and invited me for breakfast.
We went to a McDonald’s, where we then stood for a few hours just talking.
It was already midday, when Luis brought me to the biggest street, from where I cached on of the chicken-buses to Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour later I’ve been back in Antigua and checked out the guest house I was staying before. They glad fully got my room free and I right away moved in! =)
In the evening I then finally saw the girl I love again! =D
During the past days I was working a lot on the menu for my friends restaurant. I want to finish it, before I will take off soon.
We have already taken almost all the photos of the meals – if everything goes good, we will take the two last ones by today! =)
It just gives me a good feeling, that my blog is finally again up-to-date! ;)
Only counting today, I wrote about 3500 words … =P
As soon as I’m back in Austria, I’m going to publish a big wave of great photos! =)

from San Pedro Sula back to Guatemala

On the next morning, Cinthya and I had to get up early, as she had to go to work. After a quick breakfast, we left home and drove to the big bus terminal, which is located right next to her work.
Once I arrived at the bus terminal, I started my long search for buses to Guatemala. There were a lot of options in a lot of different price classes. Anyway I’ve known, that the way will be a long one … probably 8 hours or more.
I finally decided, that the cheapest and fastest way from San Pedro Sula to Guatemala would be the one over the Copan Ruinas.
As I arrived there after 8am, I had to wait until the next bus, which was going to leave at 11am. I used the time to organize lunch, walk a bit around, change some money and try to motivate people for my travel video. Only the travel video didn’t work out over there. I’ve been able to motivate a big group of young girls to be part of my video, but they were working in a shop and their chef wasn’t motivated enough.
Anyway, I took the bus and looked forward to a 4 hours bus drive. As the bus driver was one of the worse bus drivers I ever seen and the bus without much engine power, it took us an extra hour and I arrived at the Copan Ruinas around 4pm. The city was crazy and there were thousand of people on the street celebrating, as Honduras just won an important soccer match.
At the bus station I got picked up by a tourist guide, who offered me and another traveller to give us a hotel room for the night plus the ride to the border for only USD 10,- …
I’ve known, that this price is way to high and anyway been motivated enough to do a very crazy trip on my own – it has been sure to me, that I will go to Guatemala this day, doesn’t matter, what it will take me …
So on I just crossed the street and asked a restaurant owner, who stand there in front of his place on the street, celebrating the soccer match, how I can get best to the border.
The tourist guide already explained me earlier, that the only two shuttles to Guatemala already left at 2pm and the only way would be with a mini bus.
What has been weird to me was, that whoever I asked to the border in my professional Span-English told me how to get to “Frontera” …
So after I heard it about 20 times, I decided it has to be the right way and I will need to find a way to this strange city “Frontera” I never heard about before …
The restaurant owner told me, that there are mini buses leaving all 30 minutes and that one is just about to go – and pointed down the street.
I thanked him for the information and started running to the mini bus. Within one minute, my big pack bag was on the roof of the car and I was inside the mini van bus.
Right there I then took out my small Spanish dictionary and looked up, what the word “border” would be in Spanish, as I will need to tell the people in “Frontera”, where I want to go.
… guess what – it was there, that I realized “frontera” is just the Spanish translation for “border” and I’m on my right way to over there! =)
The mini bus drove quite fast on the empty street to the border and arrived there about 20 minutes later.
I’ve known that the price should only be something between 20 and 30 Lempiras. (money in Honduras … 19,- Lempiras pretty exactly 1,- USD)
The bus driver asked me for 50 Lempiras, but as that was exactly the money I had left, I just gave it away, as I’ve known I will probably never need it again. If I would have changed it, I might have become 0.50 USD cents and anyway he brought me really fast and friendly to my goal, the border. It would have not been the effort worth, to start fighting about this small price … ;)
The border over there is really small … you first go to a desk of Honduras – and following that to a desk from Guatemala.
Very interesting is, that they all signed the same paper/deal (I explained earlier) so that travellers get a tourist visa over 90 days for 4 different countries in Central America. But only Guatemala doesn’t know anything about it … – I told this guy at the desk five times, that I got my visa already in El Salvador and it is still available. Tried to explain him, what so many people explained to me … but he didn’t believe it …
I had to pay another 10 Quetzales (pretty exactly 1,- Euro) and got a stamp with another 90 days tourist visa … =P
Guatemala has nice places, but they definitely suck at their border duty … ;)
Well, it’s not like it would be their biggest problem in the country, but it seems to be one of the problems for whole Central America. One guy explained me once, that because they just let everybody who wants into their country, all the bad people who are international searched are still able to stay, live and do their business in Guatemala.
Now I just crossed this border from Honduras to Gautemala, it was late afternoon and there was only jungle left and right from me. There was just nothing … – one street, which I’ve been told is about 60 km long to the next big city.
They got a small bus there, which would have cost about Quetzales 40,- and has been relative to the short way very expensive for Guatemala. I just sat for hours in the other bus and decided I’m motivated enough to just give it a try.
I changed my shoes from flip-flops to my Nike shoes and started walking on the only route there was.
I’ve known, that it’s not very dangerous, as the mini bus will come by each half hour or hour and in case nothing is working, I can still jump on this bus …
There weren’t many cars going at that time, but it only took me about 15 minutes walking plus 5 cars, until a pick-up truck stopped for me and I jumped on the back! =)
Just when I started walking, the mini van bus started as well it’s way and tried to pick me up. Later on, I went by the mini bus, as he had to stop many times along the way for people and the pick-up truck has been way faster! =)
He took me very long – long enough to take some videos, photos and eat an apple during the ride – enjoying the sun, which was about to go down and the beautiful jungle area – I would say he gave me a lift for about 40 to 50 minutes long to a big street crossing – when he stopped there, I thanked him and he asked me, where I’m planning to go to.
I told him Guatemala City and he showed me the way I need to take, as he was going into a different direction.
I walked just a few meters to a small group of people and asked again, which way I need to take. They told me, I best take one of the small city shuttles to the bus terminal and I should make sure to be there before the last bus leaves at 6pm.
I crossed the street to be on the right street side going to the bus terminal and rechecked with the people standing there, if I was going to take the right way.
Just in this second a small city bus came by and the people talked with the bus coordinator.
Like in El Salvador, most of the mini city shuttles have two guys – one driving the bus – one crying out the window, where they are going to – loading people on and off and collecting all the money.
I’ve been smart like always and asked the people standing there, how much it will cost me. The bus coordinator was one of the few nice ones and even jumped 20 minutes later together with me off the bus, to show me the bus terminal. This ride only cost me Quetzales 3,- ;)
In the very small bus terminal I bought the bus ticket for the last bus at 6pm and as I arrived there around 5pm, I got one hour time to organize dinner and upload money on my Guatemala mobile phone.
To give you an example about the prices – the big bus from this town Chiquimula to Guatemala City was supposed to go for 5 hours and only cost Quetzales 35,- … (compared to the bus from the border over 60 km, which would have cost me Quetzales 40,- ;) … I love hitch-hiking, but it’s not only about taking – it’s also about giving, like I helped out the hitch-hikers in East Europa, when I’ve been there in the summer 2008! =)
The big bus came a bit too late, I jumped on and enjoyed eating the cheese and sandwich bread, I bought in a small super market.
After only one hour drive, we got a big problem on the street and there has been a long traffic jam, which took us about one hour of standing and only moving very slowly.
It was then, when I realized that it won’t make any sense, trying to get to Antigua trough the night. As I couldn’t reach the girl I love (her mobile phone was out of battery)= I tried to call my good friend Luis.
He’s living in Guatemala City and offered me to pick me up and give me a place to sleep.
About 4 hours later, I finally arrived between 10pm and 11pm in Guatemala City. Still I had to wait for my friend Luis about 30 minutes long. Guatemala City is really not safe in the night, but glad fully there was a small police station in the bus station I’ve arrived.
There was only one police officer, armed with a big automatic gun, but more afraid than myself! =P
I just stood there on the side-walk in frond of the door and waited for my friend. In my back I got the police officer standing in the shadow and watching me through the big wire mesh door.
He was a friendly young guy, but preferred to stay back in the shadow, as many police officers already got killed during the past years.
One time a guy walked into my direction and started asking, if I want to by his jacket. Immediately the police officer stepped out of the shadow, shouted something into his direction and the guy walked quickly away.
He then explained me, that this guy pretty sure would have grabbed my small pack bag and start running. Anyway, I was alarmed before and took a position, I could easy defend myself and told this guy as well “NO” in a very loud and brutal way.
When you travel a lot, you learn and train with the time, to decide very fast out of the given situation, body language of the certain person and his words, if you can trust this person or not!
I didn’t see myself any second during that situation in danger, as I’ve already thought ahead, what I would do if he comes closer. The closest he actually came was still 10 meters away! =P
Very interesting is, how much you can tell from body language. For example, when I’ve been around with my friends from the USA in San Salvador and we planned to go to the volcano, we asked the bus driver there, how much it would be. Non of us understood at first, what he told us, but we all had the feeling and known, that whatever he told us is for sure not the real price. Later in the bus we just looked, how much other people paid and gave him the same amount of money. As we paid, we thought back about what he told us earlier and realized he put about 0.50 USD cent extra on the price. =P
Anyway, my friend Luis finally came, picked me up and brought me to his father’s house. His father is living somewhere else, but the big empty house got one room with a nice bed. We talked a bit, he gave me the keys of the big house and then he and his wife took off. They live somewhere else in the city and I had all the big house for my own this night.
The house is very nice and located in a safe area, as they have built a few years ago a big fence with security around the whole big block of houses in this part of the city.
I took a quick shower and went very tired to bed.
… one of many true travel days … =)

… the story goes on … =)

Finally I’m back at the Internet and got time to tell you more about my crazy travelling tour through Honduras.
… I will start, where I’ve ended my story in the last post – at my umbrella … ;)
If I would have known what will happen to my umbrella in the future, I wouldn’t have cared about it …
Well, actually I haven’t cared much about my umbrella, as it anyway already been broken. I destroyed the plastic handle on the day, I left Antigua to San Salvador, when I had to sprint from the McDonald’s restaurant to the central park. As they just cleaned the floor and used a hell lot of soap (like I used to do it couple of times at the military as a joke – it has been much fun to see the military guys ice skating with their big boots through the restaurant ;) I slipped out and crashed on my left side. I didn’t hurt my self much and been back up within 0.5 seconds, but later I recognized that I smashed the plastic handle of this tiny umbrella.
Anyway we turned around the mini van bus, going from Ceiba to San Pedro Sula, and picked quickly my umbrella up from the street. I didn’t even noticed it has been my umbrella, until they gave it through the car. There I noticed and said: “ah yeah – my umbrella” and imminently got the Spanish comment on that “ajaja – the Gringo lost his umbrella!” =P
Following that comment, everybody (including myself) started to laugh and we took on our tour.
We stopped once at a gas station, where my friend Dominic, who works as doctor in Ceiba, decided to invite me for whatever I want to eat. I appreciated his offer and went like always for the best cost-benefit ratio. Which has been at this bus station, including a small fast food restaurant, the small supermarket next to it. It was when I decided to go for some cookies, when Dominic and I got to the topic of my stomach. I didn’t really had big problems through the past days, but never felt like my stomach is doing normal …
I explained him all the history, what I have eaten and how my stomach reacted through the past month. Immediately he located the problem and bought a lot of different nuts plus two fruit drinks for him and myself. I had a little bit of basic knowledge, what might be the problem in my stomach, but he explained me all the details, when we took on our travel to San Pedro Sula.
Basically the problem is all the fried food over there, especially in Honduras. Nearly each meal includes something fried – even breakfast …
Combined with the fact, that I haven’t eaten many fruits or other food for quite a while, the fried stuff created a small problem. He explained me, that the fried stuff goes slower through my stomach and starts to create a lot of gas. As the gas blows up my stomach, it feels like it’s totally filled up and got the strong feeling to empty itself. Whatever comes out is normal, but you got the feeling of going a few times more often than usually to the toilet.
I followed what he told me and concentrated on eating more fruits – immediately the problem was gone! =)
We talked all the way to San Pedro Sula and crossed a lot of topics. Actually I’ve been impressed, how much I’m already able to communicate, even I would still call my Spanish baby-level and need to learn much more, to bring out a straight and correct sentence! =P
After I arrived in San Pedro Sula, I only had to wait half an hour, until my friends Cinthya and Irene (she’s from the Switzerland and currently working as teacher in Honduras – we already met the first time I stood at Cinthya’s place) picked me up from the big bus terminal.
We first went for lunch, then returned to Cinthya’s place to play Wii & check out my photos from Utila, and later on went as group of five people for dinner to McDonald’s. As we all been still full from the lunch and I just had killed 5 bananas at Chindia’s place, we all only enjoyed very small burgers. =P
Later on, Cinthya and I kept talking till very late at night, but the night wasn’t as long, as we known that we had to get up on the next morning at 7am.
To keep this stuff in order, the story will go on in my next post (on my website above ;)

I finally could escape from the paradise! =)

In the morning of the 29th of November 2009, the weather in Utila, Honduras has been still bad, but finally good enough to escape! =)
The ferry, which is normally supposed to leave the island at 6:20am, finally been able to take off after 7pm. Like I’ve already told in my last post, the big problem is the harbour of Ceiba, Honduras.
After going with the boat for one hour over middle rough waves, we had to turn around at the first time trying to get into the harbour. The waves been big and the entry is very small. As soon as a boat get a little bit off its track, it would get pushed against the hard rocks on the right or left side of the entry.
We did a 360 degree loop and tried it another time. this time we got in, even I could see out the window, that we haven’t been too far from the rocks.
The second captain of the boat just explained me the day earlier, that they sunk a boat at those rocks two years ago. As it has been in the harbour and they have been very lucky, everybody survived the catastrophe.
After I arrived good in Ceiba, I shared a taxi with two German travellers to down town.
As it has been the day of the elections for the next president in Honduras, no buses were working at all!
The two travellers from Germany had a different travel goal than I had and got of the taxi earlier. The taxi driver then brought me back to a small bus station and took off, as soon as I’ve paid him.
Just in the moment I was walking to the door and realized, it’s closed and nobody is there in the office, a mini van pulled over and somebody asked: “San Pedro Sula?”
I asked how much it will cost and jumped into the full mini van, as the price has been only USD 0,50 more expansive than the bus I had taken to over here. =)
I sat down next to Dominic, who works as doctor in Ceiba. We started talking in Spanish and soon I found out, that this bus been a spontaneously idea from couple of people in Ceiba. They just got the idea, to drive from their home to the city and back, collect people on the way, who are waiting for the buses which are not going that day and make a little bit of extra money! =P
All the people in the bus been really funny and cool! Everybody was happy and joking around! =)
One time we lost my small umbrella, which was fixed to my big pack back and dropped from the roof of the car. I didn’t even recognize it, when somebody told the driver to turn around – they picked it quickly up from the street and made a funny joke out of it! =D
I have to also say at that point, that my umbrella wasn’t even fixed really to my pack bag – I more just put it on top, as the weather got better – actually a wonder, that I didn’t lose it in the taxi … =P
… this is the start of the story – I’m now going to get lunch and will continue the story, when I finished lunch! ;)
PS: for everybody in Europa – good night, in case my story will finish too late! ;P