Car of the Year 2008: A winning legend

I’m talking about the new Fiat 500, which is produced in Poland ;-)
My mother got 2 years ago an oldtimer Puch 500, which looks pretty much the same, as the new car, because they took the same old design to release a traditional looking but very modern new and safe car. The Puch 500 was an Austrian model, for which they combined the Italian design at the car body with the Austrian engineering at the engine.
The Austrian Puch club, at which my father got member some month ago, joined a Switzer Fiat club on there way to visit the production line of the new Fiat 500 located in Poland.
I joint them and drove from Monday the 07/07/2008 to Tuesday the 08/07/2008 with them to Poland. It was a really nice and interesting trip, which included much laughing, as we had to wait about two hours, to get the dinner at our hostels restaurant ^^
And as you can think about, my technical heart was beating faster, as I saw all the robots building a modern car =)
Here we go with two photos: the first one is our little Puch 500 oldtimer and the second photo shows the Puch and Fiat clubs standing in front of the Fiat product factory in Poland.

Puch 500
Puch club
Puch club