here comes a update =b

Just have uploaded the best 300 pictures from my USA trip in 2007 =)
This trip has been organized by my height technical school shortly before our spring break in 2007- but only my friend Christian and I have extend the trip up to a total of 20 days, by staying there during the break too.
The rest of the class, together with our teachers have left the states after a week and so on it was very nice for us, to enjoy an extra time – free of the school rules and all the other friends, talking with us in German the whole day long =)
By side of that, Christian and I were the only students, which have demanded to stay alone at a host family, rather than everybody else, which got together in teams of two persons. As I have been up to some exchange programs before during my earlier days, I have known, that this would be definitely the only and best way to catch up as much English as possible and train our skills in a very good way.
Enjoy all the nice pictures of San Francisco and the silicon valley ;)

The last days were very stressfully over here … – we had a party at the military restaurant, because an old staff member lady went into retirement …
I have worked from Thursday until Friday morning about 14 hours with nearly no bereaks in between. Then have had a short nap of 3 hours, before I opened the restaurants door again at 6 am on Friday … – but at least I got some extra money for doing this job and more important (as we anyway don’t get really much money at the military service ;)¬† I have had really good fun all the time with my colleague =)
We were joking a very lot the whole time long, as the work wasn’t too stressfully =P
After all, I have slept  over 12 hours last night ^^
– but anyhow I’m still very tired …

Todays morning I first managed a few things for my world tour in the morning and later on I worked on finishing the USA photos to finally upload them …
During the last few hours I have lost my self in the book Twilight. So far the story is really good – now just have finished the book a bit over the half. Haven’t seen the movie so far – but definitely have to see it later on ;)

Hope I will be able to show more motivation for settling some work tomorrow =P

USA 2007