Christmas in Guatemala

It has been a wonderful Christmas this year – I have been celebrated Christmas all three evenings before the actual Christmas day.
On the 23rd of December I started celebrating on the afternoon with Luis in his restaurant together with Jeremia, who own a good Sushi restaurant on 6th Avenue. After three Cuba libres at Luis restaurant we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Jeremia’s restaurant. Sushi prepared by the chief and main chef of the restaurant for us. I’ve already enjoyed a lot of Sushi in my life – but with no doubt this Sushi won my personal first price for the best Sushi ever! =)
After many more Cuba libres, Luis and I stopped by the grand opening of the new Riley’s bar and I finally got back home around 2 am in the morning. ;)
As that night has been awesome, we decided to repeat it on the following night, celebrating the official Christmas party for all restaurant workers. Again we enjoyed the world’s best Sushi and laughed much by drinking many Cuba libres. At that point I have to mention that the Cuba libres in the Caribbean are way better than anywhere I’ve been so far. Might help to know some good chefs over there, who know everything about food and drinks combined with their personal secret formulas ;)
24th of December, the actual Christmas evening in Austria, I celebrated together with my sweet girlfriend. After a busy day of sightseeing and shopping, we visited the family of her sister and enjoyed eating the traditional Christmas food “Tamales”. It’s kind of sweet or a little bit salty stuff with chicken, rice and corn covered in banana leafs and cooked. I more preferred the salty version, as chocolate and chicken isn’t a usual thing to mix for me. Still I have to say honest, chocolate and chicken taste much better than it sounds at first. =P
And later on my girlfriend and I enjoyed spending our Christmas evening privately together. =)

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