Arrived good in Antigua, Guatemala

I’m sorry for the few very fatal English mistakes in my last post.  Typing on my iPhone after an eleven hours flight in Costa Rica, losing the bad WIFI connection all couple of minutes, wasn’t the ideal situation for posting some correct English. ;-)

… coming back to the point I had to hurry up typing to get on board of my next flight to Guatemala.
They rebooked me on a later flight, as the eleven hours flight from Madrid to Costa Rica has been 50 minutes delayed.
The eleven hours flight actually started already delayed, as we had to wait ready for take-off 30 minutes long on the airfield, until we finally got permission to start.
I actually got a window place, but decided to change it with a small boy, for who it has been his first flight in a big airplane.
At all the flight has been okay. I’ve been talking with the French family of the small boy quite a lot and could glaze with the three French phrases I know. (“Bonjour”, “Merci” and of course the most important “purée de pommes de terre” ;)
Actually Iberia organized the re-booking quite good. As soon as I got out the big airplane, someone informed me about the re-booking and hand me over the new tickets.
Still it would have been nice to get a little bit more information on the big flight itself. There been quite a lot of people with connection flights and we all worried, as the staff in the airplane couldn’t give us any information about our connections.

Finally in Costa Rica I glad fully found an open WLAN spot, connected with my iPhone and called my girlfriend over Skype, to inform her that I would arrive later than planned.
The following flight with the Copa Airline has been very nice. I’ve been talking a lot with Jorge from Guatemala. He is a really cool guy! =)
After a short flight (compared to the long eleven hours one ;) we finally arrived at 7pm local time in Guatemala where my sweet love was already waiting for me at the airport.
After a 30 minutes drive we arrived good in Antigua, Guatemala. =)
First impression of Antigua, since it’s been a year ago I’ve left the city, will be published in my following post! ;)

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