The first day we’ve arrived in Paris around midday, we surfed at a different couch than planned.
Our couch host told us in last minute, that they got an emergancy case and if it’s possible for us, they would prefer to host us from the following day on.
In case we wouldn’t find any other option, they still could manage it somehow to host us.
For us that wasn’t a big problem as we got answers from other couch hosts as well and so it took me only one short call and everything was managed okay.
As we’ve seen a lot during the following days, I will write down only the highlights from our stay in Paris.
5th of January 2010:
arrive at midday in Paris, eat lunch in a small restaurant, warm up at McDonald’s, find couch hosts, enjoy dinner with couch hosts;
6th of January 2010:
find couch host Aude, walk into city center, take video and photos at the Louvre, spend time under and inside the Louvre, dinner with our couch hosts;
7th of January 2010:
shopping, sunset on the Tour Eifel (Eifel tower), video and photos at Moulde Rouge, museum;
8th of January 2010:
walking to the Sacré Coeur church, eating Krepe;
9th of January 2010:
visiting the Notre Dame church, taking super-baby video, enjoying dinner in a nice and typical Frence restaurant;
10th of January 2010:
Leaving in the morning with the TGV from Paris to Stuttgart;

2 thoughts on “Paris”

  1. Hi Sebastian! I’m glad to hear you are having such a nice time in Paris. Sacré Coeur was always my favorite thing, and also the French food. :)
    Best wishes on the rest of your journey!

  2. HI
    What happen to your Worldtour what is next in you life
    I do enjoy you websit
    Regards Mac McKone

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