going to Paris – THE START =)

My sweet love and I are finally back on the route of travelling and started our way to Paris, France.
Todays morning we actually got up about an hour later than planned, but still early in the morning at 7:30am.
After packing the rest and saying good bye, we drove over Obertauern with my dad to Bischofshofen. It was very nice, that my dad gave us a lift, but we picked the wrong day for travelling. Saturday was one of the big travelling days, where for whole regions the winter vacations ends, while they start for others. All the roads got blocked by cars and the bad weather did the rest.
It took us way longer than planned to drive to Bischofshofen.
We first planned to take a train at 11am and ended up going with a train at 1pm.
We’ve taken first a train to Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, where we switched into the Euro-City train, going from Vienna over Innsbruck all the way to Bregenz.
While the first train has been very nice, the second one was totally filled up with people and so we ended up sitting on our luggage next to the door, from where we at least enjoyed a wonderful view.
On the way to Innsbruck, the train went quite a long time over Germany – the train never stopped there, but I could recognize the different energy supplies as well as my changed mobile phone network.
It’s probably faster to go in high speed around the mountains, than in slow speed directly over them.
When we came back to Austrian territory, I’ve seen on my iPhone, that I’ve missed a call. It turned out, Regina, who I’ve requested at a few days earlier got a free place for us on her couch! =)
I quickly call her back and looked forward to couch surf the first time in Europa. (well, if you don’t count the 20 years at my mum’s couch ;)
We arrived after a 2 hours journey from Salzburg in Innsbruck and first went for a Cafe to Burger King, to warm up again.
After the Cafe we started our way to Reginas place, which is south in Innsbruck, already on a mountain.
We took the bus and thanks to my Geocacher knowledge finished the funny “get into the house”-callenge good! =)
She wasn’t home and so she put the key in a small safe in front of her house. First callenge was to find the right house – then the safe – than the right door! =)
Regina has been out for dancing tonight and hasn’t come home yet – so I guess we will met her tomorrow! ;)
The first time I couch surf without couch host! ;-P
It’s very nice over here, we cooked us a nice dinner with cooked eggs, one “Fleischlaberl-Semmel”, carrots and bread. =)
As we got up such early today we will now go to sleep and visit Innsbruck tomorrow!
Good night everyone! ;-)

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