back to Antigua, Guatemala =)

The following day, Tuesday the 1st of December 2009, the day after my long trip from Honduras back to Guatemala, I got up again quite early at 7am. I’ve taken a short walk from the house I was staying in to a small shop just two streets away. There I bought a bottle of water, when my friend Luis gave me a call and invited me for breakfast.
We went to a McDonald’s, where we then stood for a few hours just talking.
It was already midday, when Luis brought me to the biggest street, from where I cached on of the chicken-buses to Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour later I’ve been back in Antigua and checked out the guest house I was staying before. They glad fully got my room free and I right away moved in! =)
In the evening I then finally saw the girl I love again! =D
During the past days I was working a lot on the menu for my friends restaurant. I want to finish it, before I will take off soon.
We have already taken almost all the photos of the meals – if everything goes good, we will take the two last ones by today! =)
It just gives me a good feeling, that my blog is finally again up-to-date! ;)
Only counting today, I wrote about 3500 words … =P
As soon as I’m back in Austria, I’m going to publish a big wave of great photos! =)

2 thoughts on “back to Antigua, Guatemala =)”

  1. Haha! =D
    Thanks !!! ;)
    I will write more, when I’m back in Vienna and got time! ;P
    Hope you ar doing good!
    Take care & happy travelling,

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