amazing & impressive! =)

My first diving class went quite good today. We been under water for about 45 minutes and it was really impressive to see a suh beautiful sea world, like you normaly see in the TV! =)

After me first dive, when I raturned to the boat to change the air bottle, I got really sea sick. The boat was stopped close a riff and shaking on the waves quite extreme. Once everything of my stomack was out, I felt better again, changed my equipment and got ready for the second dive! =)

This time we’ve been less time under water, as we had to train couple of things on the water surface …

It was rewally nice to do the first two dives and tomorrow morning we are going for the next two! =D

More information by then! ;)

One thought on “amazing & impressive! =)”

  1. Hallo Sebi !
    Toll, was Du alles ausprobierst.Ich werd allein bei dem Gedanken, daß Du 45 Minuten unter Wasser bist seekrank.
    Ich hoffe sehr, daß Du mittlerweile wieder fit bist.
    Freu mich schon, Dich wiederzusehen. Bussi OMA

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