… moving on …

Yes – It rained all the day long on that day! =P
We spent most of that day reading our books and Blair writing his book.
The following day (Wednesday) we took a bus to a few small villages not too far from Tela. The most people over there were coming in the past from Afrika and so their language as well as everything else is very different!
It was a very cool and interesting experience!
The bus was super relaxed, so that it took us about 2 1/2 hours for a way, we could have walked in probably one hour! ;)
Just before we got into the bus, we met a very interesting grandfather, who smoked grass and tried to show us some magic trick with the sun. I got a video about that, which will definitely be online at some point! =)
On Thursday the 19th of November 2009, Blair and I went different ways again. Blair took on travelling along the cost, while I went back to San Pedro Sula, where I met my couch host Cinthya in the evening. We set our meeting point to the big bus station, but as my bus from Tela arrived somewhere totally off the route, I had to find my way there with one of the small mini city busses.
As soon as Cinthya and I met, we picked up her best friend Pili and first went for a tea/coffee and later for dinner! =)
Cinthya got a very nice flat in a very safe part of the city! =)
We kept on plying Wii until lete at night! I slept really long into the day this morning and now I will meet Pili at the cinema in about half an hour.
Pili got vacations today, while Cinthya has to work – but tomorrow we will all organize some hiking to “Coca-Cola” in the morning and also got already great plans for tonight!
I just started last night to play with the thoughts about going back to the beach to learn diving – we will see! ;)

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