going to the beach at Tela, Honduras! =)

On the following day, Sunday the 15th of November 2009, Blair and I got up around 9 am and started walking into the city centre. On our way to over there, we bought some bananas on the market and enjoyed another Pupusa. They got a very nice central park there, kind like in Antigua but more modern. San Pedro Sula is the biggest industry city in Honduras and seen as the second capital, as it’s also the second largest city of the country.
So far I had a much safer feeling in Honduras than in Guatemala and it’s also a lot cleaner over here.
Even I read a lot about how poor Honduras is, I haven’t seen it over here so far.
Blair and I have been on our feet for quite a while, walking and walking through the city. We then searched for an option to call our couch surfing friend Walter and ended up calling from a very small DVD store on the street.
Walter offered to show us around in the city and tell us a few stories about politic in Honduras. We decided to meet back at our Hostel, but we were walking into the wrong direction. We changed our route, after we realized we are 10 blocks off our goal location and still arrived before Walter at our Hostel. He picked us up with his car and we decided to go together for lunch.
On the way to over there, we got stopped by a young police officer, who charged Walter for not using his seat-belt. We’ve heard before, that the police over here is out of money and now charges you at each possibility they get – and right there we saw, it was true, what people have told us!
Walter is a very friendly young man, who is highly motivated, using his life to the full! We went to Power Pollo (Power Chicken) for lunch and tasted the Honduras pollo (chicken) culture! =)
Walter has been so friendly to give us a lift to the big bus station at 3:15pm.
Over there, I tried to buy my bus ticket to the Coban Maya ruins, but had to find out, that the last bus has left at 3pm.
I followed my rule “go with the flow” and decided spontaneously to keep travelling with my friend Blair, as he just got a very good deal to Tela and asked me, if I want to join him.
Following that I will probably skip the cities Puerto Barrios and Rio Dulce on my travel plan.
We jumped into the bus to Tela, which just left couple of minutes later and enjoyed our ride into the direction of the beach!
Tela is not too far away, but once we arrived, it already got dark outside. We walked relaxed to downtown of the small city and looked for Hostels. As we are the only guests at the moment, we got a cheap room for us two even cheaper.
Tela is a very nice insider tip and very safe as many years nothing bad has happened over here to tourists. We just dropped our packbags in the room and went out for a walk and later for dinner.
Before we went to bed, we watched an interesting art movie on Blair’s Netbook.

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