arrived good in Honduras! =)

Today, on Tuesday the 11th of November 2009, I got up early to get myself ready for leaving El Salvador. Javier been so nice and gave me a life at 8:30 am to the Tica bus station. On the way to there, we done a short stop at his office, where I got impressed about his company! =)
Just as I arrived at the Tica bus station, I realized that I will need to go to a different one. As the bus was leaving at midday 12 o’clock, I had enough time to find my way to over there with the local city bus.
I arrived around 9:30am at the right bus station and spent my waiting-time with a short shopping trip to get some lunch and stop at an Internet place.
My friend Blair from Canada had big problems finding the bus station and finally arrived at 12 o’clock, when I already been in the bus and thought that I will have to go alone.
After a very very very long bus drive in a comfortable Mercedes bus, we arrived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, when it already has got dark outside.
Blair and I shared a taxi and met our couch hosts at a very big hotel.
From there we all went to lunch to a very good Chines restaurant and now just crashed back at our friends flat.
Even I was only sitting all the day long in the bus, I feel quite tired right now and will soon go to bed! ;)

2 thoughts on “arrived good in Honduras! =)”

  1. Hello,sebastian , it’s a very good article about our country Honduras, I would like to point that the park that you mention at the beginning it’s called Lancetilla and it is located in tela in the north area of honduras, It’s a beautiful place where you can find a lot of differet kind of species of flowers and exotics trees. I am Karen a friend of Henry and Lideny ,we meet at the cristo del picachoo in Tegucigalpa,Honduras. We enjoy a good time and i am so happy because you are showing the world that we have a lot of interesting places such as LANCETILLA,BAY ILANDS,SAN FERNANDO DE OMOA CASTLE,LAS RUINAS DE COPAN,LA BIOSFERA DEL RIO PLATANO AND A LOT OF INTRESTING TOWNS. BYE BYE AND KEEP IN TOUCH.

  2. Cool! =)
    Thanks for all the additional information! I’m really bad with names and almost always forget the names of parks and locations! =P
    Thanks for posting all the information! – the great thing is, that everybody can now read this information and know more about Honduras and it’s secret nice spots! =D
    Take care & happy travelling, SEBI=)

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