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Well, much happened here since the past days and finally I’m online again! ;)
Let’s bring all the news of the past days up in date order ;P

First very positive news: I will come together with the girl I love in beginning of December to Austria!
We actually were looking for flight during the past 6 weeks. During the past 2 weeks we tried to buy one … but we both prefered a different travel agency, with different prices. Each time we have been close to buy the tickets, something turned out to be not that good and we ended up in arguments.
We have been very close to buy the tickets at my travel agency on Monday evening, but then the price went up a little bit and all our plans went over board again =P
At the end it has been a marathon run on Tuesday morning, as we finally played perfect teamwork and decided to buy the flights at her travel agency, just about 30 minutes before I went travelling again!
We will fly with Lufthansa (operated half the way over Mexicana) and stop in Mexico City, Mexico and Frankfurt, Germany.
At the end we got an amazing good price, which was even cheaper than British Airways, even Lufthansa does provide in my point of few (based on long travel experience) much more quality!
We will arrive in Vienna, Austria on Wednesday the 9th of December 2009 at 5:20pm! =D
Or flights are already leaving on Tuesday the 8th of December and we will need to stop in Mexico City over night.
I’ve already arranged, that we will stay at my very good friend Ahmed for this night! I’m looking forward a lot, to see my very good friend again and also enjoy another Hollywood Burger! =D

Second news: I’m back on the road and went in company with my friend Amado from El Salvador, about 30 minutes after buying the flight tickets by bus to San Salvador in El Salvador! =)
Amado been over the last weekend in Guatemala and also went back to his house – I’ve joint him! =)
The bus ride was long but nice and we arrived well up at our destination!

Third news: My 90-days-tourist-visa is running for whole Central Amerika. (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras)
So when I crossed the border to El Salvador, I didn’t get like planned another 90 days. Today is my last day and we already been to the right office. The fee to stay illegal longer would be USD 140,- but as I got to the office in time, I can ask for more time for only USD 22,-.
I’m glad we could manage this so far and will be at the office again by tomorrow, to finalize everything.
The office was VERY professional and friendly. A big THANK YOU at this point to my couch host Amado, who helps me a lot with all this! =)

That’s it so far – more news and hopefully an updated Google map should be online by tomorrow! ;)

4 thoughts on “news news news”

  1. Hallo Seb,
    das sind ja alles großartige Neuigkeiten – hab den 9.12. schon in meinem Kalender eingetragen…mit einem dicken :-)
    Wünsch dir noch ein paar schöne Wochen in Zentralamerika!
    Alles Liebe,

  2. Ay Sebi great news to you! I read your posts and you are really adventuring the world around. I am so proud of you to be able to do that and good to hear that everything is going well. And not to mention girl you love!!!! Hoorayyyy!
    Take care and I will “stalk” you here =D

  3. Danke !!! ;)
    Hab heute alles bezüglich meines Visas erledigt – die haben meinen Passport dort nun einbehalten und mit statt dessen einen Passport-Zettel in die Hand gedrückt – ab morgen 3 pm sollte alles erledigt sein! =)

  4. Haha !!! =D THANKS !!! =)
    I will keep you up-to-date over here, what are we doing in Austria – with pictures etc. … =)
    How are you doing? – Where are you right now?
    Stalking is welcome! ;P
    (also click on “WOLRD TOUR 2009” in the menu of this page – you will then get a very nice Google Map, with all the informations, where I’ve been when … ;)
    Hope you are doing good!
    Take care & happy travelling,

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