still here ;)

Well … no news today – I’m still here in Antigua, Guatemala and enjoy each day together with the girl I love! =)
At the moment I’m working on the computer, to create a great new menu for my friend’s Luis restaurant.
Just couple of days ago, I’ve done a day trip to Guatemala City and just like always, been up to crazy adventures …
During the day, I’ve first saw a car accident and late on something even more worse.
In the early afternoon it started to rain very strong, but only for about 15 minutes. I hide under the roof of a big home improvement store and waited until it stopped raining. When I continued walking, a small lake has been formed on the other side of a big highway. All the cars driving there, shot on there left side about 1 to 1 1/2 meters height water up into the air. I watched the cars and thought “no – I can’t pass the street over here … I will be 110% wet, when I reach the other side … =P”
In this moment I saw a blue sport car came along the street and thought, “wow – he is driving really fast, pointing to the fact, that there is a traffic jam just about 50 meters ahead from him …”
… and “PEEENNNGGG … ”
Three cars been involved in one car accident, but glad fully nobody got injured or hurt! The three cars only been destroyed at there buffer-bars, as the second car made, through the punch of power, a small jump forward and crashed into the following car.
All the people immediately jumped out of there cars and had the situation under control.
Later on, I was walking along another big street, when I saw a city bus standing there. Surrounded by many people, a first aid wagon and police.
I walked by and saw the legs of a man laying on the floor of the bus.
I asked one police man, if he got shot and he answered with “yes” – I continued my question and asked him “or did he had a heart attack” … and the police man answered again with “yes” …
So I will probably never know, what really happened, as I forgot to buy the news paper on the following day.
But when I saw the doctor leaving the bus, there was no blood on his hand glows, so I guess it was a heart attack. Anyway it was not nice to see the legs of a man, laying with no reaction, on the floor of a city bus …
After a long day, full of much walking, I returned safe back home to Antigua in on of the chicken buses! =)
As I’ve been up to this story already couple of days ago, I will try to post my news in the future again more recently … ;)
My friend Jose, who I met in Boston, as he invented me and a friend for dinner, just send me a link to an awesome YouTube movie, he created together with friends! Don’t miss to check it out! ;)

3 thoughts on “still here ;)”

  1. Hey hey,
    also das Viedeo ist wirklich ausgezeichnet…macht Lust auf eine Reise nach Amerika…

  2. Ich finde den Film auch toll und hatte manchmal den Eindruck, daß Du einer der Läufer bist.
    Herzliche Grüße von OMA

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