staying a little bit longer in Antigua, Guatemala

I actually planned to go back on the route quite a few weeks ago …
Latest when I got sick, it was clear, that I will stay longer over here, where my sweet girlfriend takes so good care about me. ;)
I planned, to leave this week, but even my illness is over, I got a lack of motivation.
So I decided, I will start to work next week. After searching for two days, I found out of the pool of one million different volunteer programs, going on here in Guatemala, the right one.
I searched for some physical work, as this will hopefully bring back my motivation.
Quite interesting is, that some projects actually even ask you for money. That was not what I had in my mind and so the search took me a bit longer. Usually one organisation is building 3 to 4 houses in Antigua per week, but because of a money and volunteer lack, they stopped working here until October.
To say it short, I’ve seen during the past two days a very lot of different organisations, there projects and got a picture of there ideas.
One organisation got up with the idea to charge each volunteer helper USD 45,- which is still cheap, compared to one project which would have asked me to pay USD 200,- !
To be honest, I really don’t like the idea, that if I work for free, I should even pay extra money for that.
One project had a far better idea, as they ask you to take pictures and later give a presentation back at your home. Fund raising in this way some money and send it back to over here, where they need it.
Finally I’ve found today the project, which was working exactly in my mind.
I will help them building a house, about 10 minutes outside of Antigua. From Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm …
They are not asking me for money and I will get free lunch. We are a total of 5 persons and will build a house for poor children.
To join the program was very simple and only took 10 minutes …
I called a phone number and met a project staff 10 minutes later. She explained me the project, I said “yes” and that’s it – a handshake is enough for them, while other projects ask you for a copy of your passport, two photos and you might have to run through a complicated registration process.
My second option would have been to make each day much sport and go running. But I hope, that this physical work will raise up my motivation again, I might find some cool friend and by side of all that, it’s something good and will also help poor people.
So I will stay the next week as well here and plan to celebrate my birthday together with my girlfriend! ;)
PS: The Hyvinkää-Day movie is finish and should be online very soon! ;)

6 thoughts on “staying a little bit longer in Antigua, Guatemala”

  1. Hallo Sebastian,
    freut mich, dass Du wieder gesund bist. Ich finde es ganz toll, dass Du Deine Arbeitskraft für einen guten Zweck zur Verfügung stellst – großartig, wie Du Deine Reise gestaltest!!
    Wünsch Dir auf alle Fälle weiterhin viel Spaß, vor allem einen schönen Geburtstag und viel Glück für´s neue Lebensjahr.

    Deine T. Jutta

  2. Hi, sebastian, emerion gave us the messae that the aktencenter homepage was tried t get knocked by a hacher from Guatemala; is it possible that thts was you?

    love mike

  3. huhu sebastian!
    alles gute zum geburtstag!! bläst man in guatemala auch kerzen auf torten aus oder muss ich das für dich machen?

    liebe grüße

  4. Hello Mike,
    Papa hat mir gerade das Mail von Emerion vorgelesen – einfach genial!
    Auch wenn es kein Hack angriff war, zeigt es das gute Servic von Eemerion! =)
    Habe hier ueber den Server mein iPhone Back-up nach Hause transferiert =P
    Wie gehts es dir? Habe schon lang nichts mehr gehoert …
    gLG SEBI=)

  5. Haha – Danke! =)
    Solltest du die Kerzen fuer mich ausblassen, bitte etwas vom Kuchen fuer mich aufheben ;)
    Bussal aus Guatemala,

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