news from Antigua, Guatemala

Good news from here. I got up again and doing each day much better. My disease is over, what the doctor approved me and I feel my energy coming back. While I was sick, my girlfriend took very good care about me, what I want to thank her for so much! I love her !!!
Even the doctor told me, doing again sport isn’t any problem, I still try to keep it by spot, I don’t over take myself. So I do a lot of hiking around here, rather than running … ;)
Still I can’t stop to walk, if I once focused my goal. It also feels good, to see my motivation and energy returning! =)
So on I hiked yesterday for couple of hours, until I was very very high up in the mountains and Antigua only a small spot on the wide and wild rain forest landscape. After walking for couple of hours, I had a wonderful few, enjoyed to be off from the noisy city life and completed my wonderful day trip by taking a ride back down the hill. I used the chance to once more try the way of travelling, I plan to do more during the next few months and hitchhiked on a black pick-up van back down the mountain into the city.
Over there in the mountains it took quite a while, until a car came by, as the road was everything else but busy! =P
Gladfully this van stopped for me, I jumped on the loading board in the end and there we go – it was a really fun ride and I enjoyed riding a car in the hot wind, on a hot and sunny day! =)
Still I stood like always on the safe side in life and walked only a distance, I could easily make my way back from, before it the night hits in …
I’m sitting now again in an Internet place, as the computer at the family I’m staying, was given away to get a service. Unfortunately they didn’t know, that I’m good in fixing any kind of problems at computers and already have installed some software on their computer, to search for bad stuff … =P
So on, I don’t have access at the moment to the movie, I created about the KONE Camp Helsinki Day – it will be hopefully online today, when the computer should come back. I hope they didn’t deleted my files … – I told them not to do, but I already met a lot of people over here, whose computer knowledge is close to zero … ;)
I hope my YouTube movie will soon be online on YouTube and linked from this page!
Talk to you soon! ;)

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