back in Antigua, Guatemala! =)

I got up early on Friday the 7th of August 2009 at 7am, to get ready to make my way to the airport. As I´ve learned already last time, I´ve been in Mexico City, that you might miss your flight, if you come to late to your airplane, I made sure to have that morning some extra time calculated into my plans! ^^
I left after a nice breakfast my friends Ahmed´s place shortly after 9am, to take my flight at 1:50pm ;)
This time everything worked great and I had at the end about two extra hours of waiting until my flight starts the boarding.
My flight been great and I met nice people to talk with. Waiting for boarding, I spoke to Alessandra. She is from Mexico and was on her way to Guatemala, to take part at a charity program. She is as well looking forward, to maybe travel some a days without money and explore the spirit of the road ;)
As well had a very interesting conversation with my sit neighbour, whose name I badly forgot – well … once more my bad name memory – sorry for that! =P
I was super happy, to be back in Guatemala. First I had to wait a bit, as my girlfriend had troubles, finding the right way to the airport … ^^
But finally she came and picked me up and we spent a very nice first day in Guatemala City! =)
We went to Antigua quite late around 8pm and I was super lucky, that the guest house, I was staying in last was totally empty these days. (well, it´s always totally empty – even I never found that good quality/price measure anywhere else!)
I slept long into the next day, got up around 10am, organized breakfast, went shortly online, to do my accounting’s for the KONE camp and met my girlfriend, her sister and her sister´s daughter at 12 o´clock midday.
Then I walked to my friend Luis and spent talking with him until 3pm.
I´m now in a totally wired time zone – always much tired – probably I´m now such mixed up in time zones, that I´m somewhere in the Japan time =P
So I walked back to home, slept a little bit and went on reading my book. Waiting until 7pm, when my girlfriend picked me up and we drove to my friend Luis, to spent a wonderful candle-night-dinner! =)
After this, we drove to Tecpan and returned today´s afternoon at 1pm to Antigua.
We just spent a nice time, laying in the grass and enjoying the sunshine, before she now had to drive back home.
I´m just checking here quickly my e-mails, will then do some shopping and relax, as I feel tired again! =P
I just enjoy to be back here in Antigua and see my girlfriend !!! =)
I will keep you up to date, what I´m doing here ;)

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