the KONE camp 2009! =)

Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t had time to publish any news during the past days. Just like last year, the time at camp went by extremely fast!
I’ve been very busy, helping out as staff member and felt, that it was way more work this year. Probably it just seemed like that to me, because I wasn’t in charge to built up any stations last year. While this year, the group leaders didn’t rotate with there groups and I had to take as well care of creating great stations for the campers! =)
To be honest, I really have no clue, where all my time went … – I only enjoyed sauna and went out with the boat on the lake twice … (and one of those times it has been my duty as I organized a great canoe tour with Juho)
Each day, I went to bed after midnight and got up around 6am, as I called my girlfriend over Skype in Guatemala. At her side of the world, it’s then 9pm =P
The campers been great this year – we all really had good fun! It was impressive, how good the English skills been this year! =)
I got the impression, that this year really all campers got together and we haven’t had any sub-groups of campers, which blocked English. Especially “hi5” to all the campers from Asia – they really showed a lot of motivation this year and rocked the stage! =)
One of the points, which really amazed me is, to see how fast the electronic and technology marked is running at the moment. About a year ago nobody had an iPhone – the Internet at camp was very bad and I haven’t been online there at all …
Well, this year I didn’t had much time to update my website, but it’s amazing which big technology step we made in only one year. Many campers and staff members had an iPhone – I would say 98% a digital camera – probably 100% a mobile phone (some even more – like me … 3 mobile phones – iPhone, Nokia from KONE, Nokia from home ;) and we got a lot of Notebooks in the staff board as well.
The Internet was okay – a bit slow at the beginning, as everybody was downloading and surfing at the same moment …
For myself I can say, I haven’t used the Internet last year. This year I called each day over Skype, checked my e-mails quite often and uploaded my photos …
It shows us, how much the electronic market is booming! =b
Still we all know, that this camp is about being there in person, meeting and finding friends from all over the world and having amazing good fun!
As staff member it was much work and I’ve been busy a lot, but at the same time, I enjoyed having interesting conversations, learning new games and rotate. ^^
We got a lot of positive feedback from the campers and I want to add to this my personal “THANK YOU” to everybody, who made this camp become possible.
First of all I want to thank KONE for supporting this amazing event.
Than the great staff team – consisting of Aaron, Alessandro, Anna, Ari, Carina, Christina, Daniel, Dragan, Emma, Gabriel, Iain, Iina, Iiris, Jaana, Jere, Joe, John, Juho, Jukka, Jussi, Marjo, Meimei (Lunwu), Micheal, Mirka, Moustapha, Oona, Steve and Taina – decided to go here with an alphabetic order, as everybody did an awesome good job!
But not to forget the most important group – our campers!
Without them, nothing would have work out like it did – I want to thank everybody for there great motivation and positive energy, they brought with them!
We all might never be again like this at one place in the same moment. But the spirit of the KONE global youth camp will keep on living. To create much more peace and friendships in this world … – and give the parents a short break from there monsters! =P
Here comes another “thank you” to my roommates Meimei, Gabi and Alessandro – we all did a great job, keeping our room such wonderful clean! ^^ =P
I will hopefully upload some pictures anytime in the future and will make sure, to realize my YouTube clip! =)
(btw.: I’ve already uploaded about 250 new pictures from the past months – they will be available soon ;)
More pictures about the camp can be found on the KONE camp website – click here ;)
I wish everybody a good and safe way back home and hope to meet them again some a days – somewhere on this small world! =)
Take care and happy traveling everybody!
PS: another last “rotate” !!!

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