Finally back at the camp ground … =)

Yesterday on the 27th of July 2009, the KONE youth camp 2009 started officially with the Hyvinkää day. We all had to get up really early in the morning, which kind of killed me, as I’m still in the Guatemala time zone. We went with John to the KONE meeting point in Helsinki, from where we went by a shuttle bus to the playground in Hyvinkää, which is actually since years not really in Hyvinkää! =P
We split all our young campers (over 100 because many young people of the host families joint us those days) up in many groups and played games, based on team working.
After lunch, we played 3 more big games, got into the bus and drove to a nice lake, where everybody was able to go swimming, play games or just relax.
It was a very nice sunny day, from which we returned back home quite late around 8pm.
I’ve worked from there on until one o’clock in the morning, to finish all my pictures. I finished editing them and uploaded already nearly all of them.
Probably they will be shown publish by tomorrow! =)
As I tried to call my girlfriend today’s morning (Tuesday the 28th of July 2009) at 5:30am, I only slept 4 1/2 hours. I tried to reach her for 30 minutes, but har mobile phone was turned off at that time! =(
I then made the rest of my stuff ready to check out the hotel, had a quick breakfast and tried again to call her at 7:30am. Finally it worked and we’ve been able to talk for about 20 minutes! =)
Pretty exactly in 10 days I will be back in Guatemala – it was nice to have a break in Europa, but I miss her just SOOOOO much !!!
When we all arrived in Helsinki at our main meeting point, in front of the big old with church, we realized my video idea and started so officially my project called “roadrunner” =)
We all lined up in a super long line and dropped my small Nike pack bag from one person to the next. I was going along the line and made a video! =)
To be honest, I didn’t expected the chain of people being nearly as long! =P
We filled the WHOLE place! ;)
After this short stand up for my new video clip project, everybody got togethe in there groups and we started to run with our group through the city …
It was a really nice Helsinki day, my group was super good and we finished all tasks perfect! On the way, we got the challenge, to make funny and creative pictures of animals – we really got a lot of those! =)
One task was, to take a KONE camp 2009 T-shirt and give it in the park to someone as present by not talking at all … – our way crossed with this one girl, which looked like she listen to hard music and didn’t got too much luck in her life … – we decided to give it her – so one camper went up to her, gave the T-shirt to her, which was packaged like a present and walked away – we all weren’t allowed to talk, but I turned around one more time and showed her both thumbs up – she was so happy, that she started right there to cry … – it was definitely a magic moment …
As group we decided to take a picture of an animal right next to there in the grass – so the campers laid down in the form of a snake and I climbed on a tree, to get a perfect photo – there I showed this girl, we’ve given the present to, that she should come and join us … – she really did so, we finally found out her name and I felt like I help somebody a lot today, by creating more happiness! =)
After this, we all had lunch like each year at the Pizza restaurant RAX, got some free time for shopping and walked to the roller coaster park.
Over there I was the whole time around with my friends Meimei and Gabriel. Somehow it happens, that this day felt more like being camper again, than staff member – really had super good fun! =)
All the staff members already arrived here at the camp site and we are still working and preparing everything for tomorrow. I will try to soon get to bed, as I have to be fit by tomorrow! ;)
More camp news will come soon! Looking forward to an AMAZING KONE camp 2009 !!! =)

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