today & my friend Richart’s island =)

Today was quite okay … – I got up a little bit later than planned, as I’ve been last night again up until 2:30am. I first went to two Apple stores, but they told me, that I have to get in contact with the Apple support from Austria, to let my iPhone fix.
After this, I took the bus to the KONE main building in Helsinki – it’s the new and very beautiful building for the headmasters of KONE. Over there, I met Jaana and Iina, who already went there a bit earlier and went up the modern glass building with there very nice new elevators. There I helped out, building the staff folder and later worked on Jaana’s computer, to create the totally closed user account, I plan to  let the campers work with. To be honest, I was amazed, how easy you can close down all the functions in MS Windows. Even it took me some time, I actually expected, that it will take me few days, rather than few hours.
After returning in the afternoon, I worked a bit on the Internet and then went for a walk into the city to find a digital video camera. I already asked many friends and searched the Internet for quite a while … – in Finland itself, electronics are as well quite expansive – had at first quite troubles with to find something for around € 50,-
Have the feeling, that there are way less cheap options available on the market, than in Austria. I did some research in the Austrian Amazon store and was amazed by the price difference.
Somebody told me, he saw a cheap camera about € 50,- (which is build for YouTube videos) at the main railway station. I decided to  start my tour there and asked in a small electronics shop for it. The guy behind the desk was very friendly and told me the way to a better place. I walked for about 10 minutes and searched there, but the cheapest I could find was starting from € 173,- … for sure a nice camera, but to expansive, for my kind of use – it could always get lost or break on my far and sometimes crazy and hard way …
Again I asked and they recommended me a shop across the street. On my way to that shop I found two other ones, and the best price went down to € 139,- =P
At the end, I arrived in that shop, searched a bit and there it was! For € 50,- a very small camera, build for producing a YouTube video.
A very friendly shop employee, opened the glass box for me and we even opened one of the packages, as we searched for some technical information. There I saw this little sticker on the box of the camera, which told € 24,95 – reduced to half price! ^^ – just perfect !!! ;)
I bought it and just tried it out over here – the quality is great and it’s perfect for producing my planned YouTube clip! =)
Also uploading all my pictures from the DVD back to the computer finally worked today and so I can start to work on the 5296 pictures I’ve taken since Dallas, TX in the USA! =P
Only thing, which makes me worry at the moment is, that I haven’t heard anything from my girlfriend in a while – I hope it’s only once more the Internet connection in Guatemala …
Coming together with this post, I want to publish some nice pictures!

I’ve asked Richart, who I met on his own island at Isla Mjueres, if I’m allowed to publish some of the pictures of his island. I wrote quite a bit about him and his self build island, based on empty plastic bottles in the past posts. Richart is a great, very open mind person, nobody should miss to meet! =)

Don’t miss to check out his website:

Here are some pictures, to give you an idea, what I’m talking about:

my genius friend and his island! =)
my genius friend and his island! =)
this photo looks like it's a little bit older ;)
that's a cool photo ;)
it's just amazing and swimming on top of a very lot plastic bottles! =)
it's just amazing and swimming on top of a very lot plastic bottles! =)
to give you an idea, how it looks like inside - I like it! =)
to give you an idea, how it looks like inside - I like it! =)

One thought on “today & my friend Richart’s island =)”

  1. Sebastian, thank you so much for your birthday gifts I love very much the nice shirt and your card, jutta brought it yesterday from leobersdorf, she was at home to organise seths trip home, in the meantime he is back in Texas, Lori wrote us

    have many nice days and much fun
    take care
    take it easy

    o michi& OMA

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