news from SEBI=)

Here it finally comes! After couple of days, full of program, I’m back online on my website! =)
I’ve already published yesterday the news, that I arrived glad in Helsinki. My flight landed in time at 5pm and John was so nice, to pick me up and give me a lift to my couch hosts LiuYan&Zhang. They are a nice couple from China, studying in Finland and been couch surfers at my mum’s place, few months ago.
LiuYan&Zhang been very nice and offered me first something to eat! =)
We talked a lot that evening and I went quite late to bed. As later it got, as more I got awake and motivated, as I’m still living in the wrong time zone. Finally I went to bed very late and got up as well very super late.
On Friday we walked a little bit through the forest, which is close by – well in Finland forest is close by everywhere ;)
I really enjoyed the feeling of being back in Europa, even I miss my girlfriend a lot!
Already when I landed in London, I felt like I’m back home, even I was still far from Austria and will not stop by there … – I just felt like I’m back in a system I know – in the society I know, how to act and react, to not cause any problems with anybody.
I actually didn’t know, that you have to go through the whole USA boarder security and control, even when you only booked your international flight over an airport in the USA. It was good, that I filled out the online form three days ago, just in case. They really took again my fingerprints and a photo.
In my point of few, that’s a little bit much work for people, who not even setting a single step outside the airport, but as far as I heard, our European Union is also getting more strict step by step. How easy and luxury was flying in the past and how much did we lose from that ?!? Now the flight takes less time and the airplane lands more softly, but we spent over an hour in security check … ;)
Anyway, let’s come back to the story of my past days in Finland …
The weather was super nice and I’m actually not so sure, what happened to all the time … – it just passed by so fast …
Also in Friday night, I couldn’t really sleep and so worked until 2am in the morning on a nice little website for my girlfriend. (which I don’t want to publish or link her, as it’s a personal present from my heart for her! <3)
On Saturday I got up around 11am and John picket me up at 2:30pm, to drive to Jaana’s place. Jaana finished university and invited us to her party. It was a good BBQ garden party, with perfect weather and a lot of cold drinks.
John had to leave quite early, but I decided, that I will find my way back home. (well, to be honest, didn’t know at that time, that I’m in Hyvinkää ;)
Jaana also gave me there her Notebook, on which I’m working right now and supported me with a Finish mobile phone, while I’m here! =)
The party was fun and I also met Anna and Iina from the KONE camp, found new friends Emmi and Eero from Finland and heard many great stories from the Australian team! =)
After a great afternoon, we came to the point, where we had to decide, if we want to take the last train back to Helsinki or stay at Jaana’s place. I asked them: am I staying and there answer was “Yes!” ^^ =P
We all went together as group to the disco “Level 5” and it was just an amazing evening !!! =)
To say it shortly, it was just an amazing evening there! We really had a good party (by the way, Jaana’s dad definitely rocks! =) – like European style, we came back home somewhere between 4am and 4:30am =P
I slept on the floor at Jaana’s house, on some soft stuff and had a sleeping bag. As the sleeping bag was built for snow in the Alps, the night was getting very hot. I couldn’t really risk, to open it much or use it only half open, as I’ve known, that there is exactly one Mosquito in the room. So I didn’t really slept so much, but as I was tired enough, I at least relaxed ;)
On the next day, we all got up very late, enjoyed breakfast and it was already in the afternoon, when we left the place. Emmi and Eero gave me and a friend from Australia a lift, but we made our way back to Helsinki very relaxed and in a cool style. First stopped for ice cream, then at there home, then went around 6am to a breakfast place, to have a breakfast and finally ended up playing Mini golf … ^^ =P
It was really got fun and finally I took the train back to my friends LiuYan&Zhang! =)
As well that night, I was working long into the night and couldn’t fall asleep until 2:30am.
Another time I slept long into the next morning and went shopping with Zhang at 11am, to bye everything to cook Spaghetti with meat balls (Thanks again to my great cooking teacher Natalie from Toronto! ;) I’m already 20 years old and able to cook one meal – maybe I will learn a second one until I’m 40! ^^ =P
The Spaghetti tasted wonderful and after lunch, Liu was helping me to fix my shoes. My Nike shoes are great, but badly, I cut a whole on both shoes, as I was trying to jump over a stone wall in Mexico and Tikal (Mexico right shoe – Tikal left one ;)
AS just fixing it wouldn’t look good (especially, as we only had red and green yarn, we searched for a good thing to cover the whole. Liu finally got the great and creative idea, to use the pieces, some T-shirts got on the inside, to tell the brand.
That worked perfect and I really like that idea a lot! Such economic and creative !!! =)
In the mean time I tried to do laundry, which worked good, but as the dryer was broken, my stuff was still a bit wet after 250 minutes of drying it in the machine =P
After fixing my shoes and saying good-bye to my friends, I changed today (Monday the 20th of July 2009) shortly before 7pm to Iina’s place. She and her boyfriend have a wonderful nice flat in downtown Helsinki and been so nice, to share there couch (very comfortable =) with me for couple of days.
I now hang my stuff up over here, so it gets dry. As the GPS of my iPhone seems to be broken, I will bring it tomorrow to Apple and ask for getting guaranty, as it’s not even a year old …
Well, that are so far all the news from over here … – it’s already again 2:20am and I’m still waiting for my girlfriend to call me from my Guatemala mobile phone … – I miss her SOOOOO much !!! – just decided, that it will be better, to stay in her time zone, as I will return to Guatemala to see her in about 18 days! =)
Even Finland is nice, I’m having a good time with many friends and I enjoy to take a stop in Europe, I can’t wait to be back in Central America and be together with my sweet love! <3

Here are finally some pictures of my (new) shoes ^^ – crazy – exactly, why I like them! ;)
PS: JUHUUUUUUUUUU – at the moment I’m calling with my sweet girlfriend! =)
That’s all Folks! =P

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