arrived at Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The flight today was just perfect!
We landed, before I run out of ideas, what to do during the flight. Something I would wish to enjoy at some long international and especially intercontinental flights as well! =P
After I arrived in Cancun, I took the ADO bus for about 30 minutes from the airport to the city centre. From there I took a mini van city bus to the boats and went with the ferry at 4pm to Isla Mujeres.
This time, it’s even more hot here, than about two month ago.
I will go today early to bed, as I’m super tired (slept last night only around 4 hours) and I miss my girlfriend SOOOOO much!
I feel like I want to take the next airplain back to Guatemala!
I love her so much !!! <3

Here are also three pictures:
Antigua 2 days ago, the airplain in Flores and the sunset on Isla Mujeres, for which I would have liked to have my girlfriend here by me!

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