leaving Antigua, Guatemala

The last couple of days been quite stressful. I was running pretty much without any breaks through Antigua, to organize everything, before I start into the direction of Finland.
It turned out, that I got a cheap offer, for a flight to Cancun, directly from Guatemala city.
For US$ 22,- extra, I’m now flying from Guatemala City and don’t need to take a nine hours bus ride to Flores in Guatemala, which couldn’t guarantee, that I will arrive in time at the airport.
On Saturday the 11th of July 2009, my girlfriend and I first went for dinner at the Da Vinci restaurant in Antigua and later drove into the direction of the “X…something” ruins (I will look to find out there name and replace it later ;)
We spent my last 24 hours in Guatemala together and now I already miss her so much !!!
I’m right now in the airplane, typing here those few lines about my last hours in Guatemala.
I got today, on the 13th of July 2009, up at 4:30, as a bus shuttle picked me up at 5am and brought me for about one hour to Guatemala City.
I fly with a small ATR-42 airplane, operated by the airline TACA.
We took off way too late and arrived about 50 minutes later in Flores. On the first flight, our airplane been not even half full. In Flores we stopped for about 20 minutes, in which I got out of the plain for couple of minutes to take some pictures.
Now we are on our way to Cancun and the climate at our flight is very relaxed!
We are only three passengers – a couple from the USA (living in California, but born in Guatemala) and me …
During the last 24 hours, I sat on a stone elephant, hugged a giga-pollo (chicken;) but MOST IMPORTAINT, I’ve been together with my girlfriend!
Even I’m looking forward to soon be at Isla Mujeres, I can’t stop thinking SOOOO MUCH about her!
Spending our last weekend together, was something very special and nice, I will never forget.
She makes me SOOOO happy! =)

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