news from Antigua!

Well, here comes finally again a live report, from the middle of my crazy life! =P
I decided, that I will stay here in Antigua until the maximum I’m able to stay for my sweet girlfriend, which already started to miss me.
So on, I plan to leave on Sunday evening. Usually planned to go straight with the bus (only a 24 hours bus ride) to Cancun. But as life sometimes goes crazy and especially in my life it does this a lot, everything changed again.
When I showed up at the bus company and decided finally, to buy the ticket, they did a phone call and found out, that there are no busses going at the moment to Mexico. (because of the swine flu … – slowly I’m getting sick about hearing from it … ;)
As I anyway have to go there and catch my international flight to Finland, it turned out, that I will take a but to Flores and fly from there for US$ 263,- to Cancun.
Have to manage all this tomorrow.
In the mean time, I’ve got invented to visit the ruins of “X…something” for free on Wednesday.
In the afternoon of the same day my girlfriend and I have seen a presentation about “how to hitchhike a sail boat” in the RainbowCafe.
Only a question of time, until I will try that out – for the Atlantic ocean it takes you only about 20 days to cross! =)
I changed from my last host family on Thursday to a very nice guesthouse.
Tried today to manage my connection to Cancun and started to set up a website for the restaurant of my friend Luis.
Tomorrow afternoon my girlfriend and I will leave Antigua to somewhere, to spend our last 24 hours together.
… and if everything works good, I will be back in time, to catch my bus on Sundays afternoon.
Should be in Cancun by Monday and will stay again at Isla Mujeres. Plan to visit Mike and Richart at there swimming houses and will stand up early enough, to reach Cancun in time, to catch my flight …
Well … here you go with the milestones of my program for those days – anymore questions, how I could be busy? ^^ =P
Oh – the best comes at the end! Did a typical culture differents mistake …
I’ve bought about two weeks ago a mobile phone over here – the cheapest one I could get.
Over here most of the companies are working like Be.Free or !Yesss – you need to buy a card with money and type in your code.
I’ve already noticed, that they have a lot of special offers for that. When you upload money on certain days, you get twice or three times the money, you pug into your phone …
So on I’ve calculated smart and decided, as I come back in about a month, I will once upload a lot in such a day and never have problems again! =P
So I uploaded Q 400,- at once (pretty exactly € 40,-) and really got three times the money for it! =)
So got on my phone now Q 1200,- (€ 120,- ;)
What I didn’t know so far was, that this doesn’t least like in Austria for a year – over here it only least for one month! Xb
So I will probably give my phone my girlfriend or a friend and they can phone very much during the month, I’m not here …
I tried to sell it, but general all the shops here have big money problems!
I also thought about taking it to Europa and calling to Guatemala – for that much money (€ 120,-) it should work a while, but I got no idea, if that cheap company will work in Finland! ;)
Well, everybody makes a mistake from time to time … I take it easy, as it doesn’t kill me =P
More news soon – will try to get again more action and life on this site! ;)

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