a wonderful week in San Marcos la laguna, Guatemala =)

Just like I already posted very shortly during the last week, our vacations been wonderful! =)
We’ve taken a nice little private bus to the Atitlan lake, from where we went by boat to San Marcos la laguna.
We been very lucky with the bus, as there were only 4 other people in the bus, including the driver! =)
My girl friend and I reached after this very relaxed travelling tour finally our location and first of all went for a good milkshake. After this refreshment, we started to search for the best hotel.
A very funny walking tour, which brought us and a little niño (kid – about 8 years old), who followed us, to show us all the places, through the whole town. Well, San Marcos is not very big and there is absolutely nothing going on! =P
It’s a very nice little town and totally silent.
After walking relaxed for couple of hours, we decided, that the best Hotel was the first on, we’ve visited =P
They told us, that they got a problem with the electricity today and already called the company. Even we didn’t got electricity, we’ve taken the wonderful room (plus bathroom), as it was located at the lake, 100% silent, as we’ve been the only guests and they gave us candles for the night. Having only the candles, was actually very romantic! ;)
Only the shower been horrible cold, as it supposed to work with electric energy to heat the water! =P
On the next morning we met at 11am Rachelle at the Flower House. We did the massage course together with a girl from England and had each day a different test person.
Well, even we’ve all been beginners, our test persons always enjoyed the massage as they also got Rachelle working on them, by showing us all the moves. =b
The time run by amazing fast. Actually I’m not so sure, where it has got to … suddenly it was already Friday morning and I had to pack.
During our week, we tried to test as much different restaurants as possible. We really liked the Great Lemon Restaurant, where we found the 3. person in our relationship, Max, a very cool dog!
To get the food you ordered takes over there about couple of hours, but they do nearly each evening a movie night, showing very good movies with a projector! =)
In San Marcos you honestly don’t need Internet – you don’t even think about it … – you just relax and enjoy the silent atmosphere.
Even we thought during the week couple of times about changing the hotel, as we really missed the warm water, we at the end always stood. Making light only with the candles been just too nice! ;)
On Friday we took the bus back to Antigua directly from San Marcos.
We had to return on Friday afternoon, as my girlfriend had her final English exam at the university on Saturday morning.
On the way back, I’ve almost got car sick, as we sat in the back of the van an the route through the mountains is quite a challenge for each stomach.
This vacation was just really nice, and thought my girlfriend and me a lot. By side of learning, how to give a Swedish body massage, we’ve also learned, how to work together and be a super good traveller team! =)
As it was such an amazing nice time, we are now planning, to do the same next weekend. Maybe we can travel again from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon to San Marcos and do another two massage days, as the course is usually 7 days long.
I already see my sisters taking advantage of me knowing how to give a professional massage! =P
On Saturday, I’ve booked also my flight back – I’m going to start my South America tour over here and include the rest of Central America as well! ;)
Even I’m looking a lot forward to the KONE camp 2009 in Finland, it will be hard to be such a long time far away from my love!

5 thoughts on “a wonderful week in San Marcos la laguna, Guatemala =)”

  1. Sebastian, i have an idea: just take your Girlfriend with you to cone camp, than it will not make you sad anny more

    take care

  2. I will upload few pictures on Facebook, as soon as I’m working again on a PC – working here on the iPhone …
    I try to do it today … – I got the message, that you want to see pictures!
    Will be online today or tomorrow …

  3. I just uploaded for my uncle Mike few pictures from me and my girlfriend on Facebook!
    Check them out in your Facebook account! ;)
    Bussal SEBI=)

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