a hot night in Antigua, Guatemala! =P

The last week went as well super fast by …
I decided, to do another week of Spanish training with my great teacher Pedro. So I’ve studied each day about 6 hours, entertained myself in the afternoon (Yoga, etc.) and met my girlfriend in the evening. =)
Thursday night, I’ve went with Marlene to her working place, because she had to talk for couple of minutes to the “Miss Antigua” candidates .
Last night, Friday the 14th of June 2009 was just crazy !!! – a typical day in my life! ^^ =P
The Spanish class was like always much fun and I’ve planned to see Marlene in the evening.
Marlene had to organize some “Miss Antigua” meeting in the central park. The candidates for the next “Miss Antigua” should be presented to the public. We’ve planned to meet there and so on, I’ve been in time at our meeting point.
Just as we met, it started to rain and so, we’ve decided to wait in the car, as it was still 45 minutes to go, until the presentation.
It started to rain more and more worse and just really strong.
At 8pm, we’ve decided, that the presentation won’t take place and decided to drive back home.
As Marlene had her lady hand bag back at work, we’ve taken the car around the block and stopped there.
As the rain was just sooooo extremely strong in that moment, we’ve waited in the car. We waited probably over 20 minutes, until Marlene decided to jump, in a good moment, out of the car and run through the rain to her working place.
I’ve waited with the running engine, until she came back, couple of minutes later.
Finally we’ve been ready to drive home. But then it started …
While we’ve been on our way, I started to say: “uh …  it smells very bad …”
Because of the heavy rain, we couldn’t open the windows much.
As it got more worse, and we recognized, it’s not coming from outside, we’ve stopped about 700 meters from home. Basically just around the corner! ;-)
Marlene said: “there is a problem with the car – I have to go and take a look …”
I decided: “no – I will go! ;)”
I’ve put the top of my suit off, opened the door and jumped into the rain.
It took exactly 2.4275 milli-seconds, until I’ve been TOTALLY wet! =P
The rain was just VERY strong! – well, still nothing against UK 2007 – so my trip in 2007 though me, that this was still kind of “normal” rain – maybe “strong”, but not “I kill you”-rain! ^^ =P
Anyway, I’ve been VERY wet! – VERY VERY MUCH – and it remembered me about my trip to the UK in 2007 ;-)
I’ve seen much steam coming out the front of the car and honestly expected, that the engine will just be very hot. Something I know, from driving with my grandmothers camper van in the mountains.
I’ve opened the front and it was a little bit more worse, than I’ve thought it would be … =P
Right in front of me were half meter high flames coming out of the car. As you couldn’t open the front of the car far enough, that the rain would have killed them, I’ve quickly gave Marlene a sign, that she has to get out the car and told her: run for water! (well, I could have done it, but it would have taken twice the time or more, to explain in Spanish, why I need suddenly a lot of “aqua”! =P
In the mean time, I’ve swear myself, that I will in the future always bring some sausages with me! ^^
About two minutes later, Marlene had organized some water, I’ve taken and successfully killed all flames. =)
My friend, who I’ve helped couple of days ago at school, as his mobile phone got stolen from a drunk teacher, came by and helped us, by unplugging the battery.
My analyse is, that by just standing with the running engine such long in the rain, the motor got too less fresh air to cool down. I guess, some cables, who touched the engine started to melt. The electricity did the rest and started a fire, which burned as good, because it has melt the tubes, who bring the gas to the engine.
Marlene and I then relaxed in the car with open windows, to get the steam out. She called the touristic police, which was going to help us, but needed a long time to arrive there.
Marlene had some dry clothes with her in the car and could change some. I just put of my really wet shirt, to not get cold.
About half an hour later the police arrived – we’ve waited another 15 minutes, until the car service team arrived and it took us another 20 minutes to get ready to drive the 700 meters home.
At that time it stopped raining and we’ve enjoyed, standing on the street. Well, me half naked, as I only put on the top of my suite, but not the wet shirt again. =P
All in all, it was a very funny adventure, which made us laugh already 3 minutes, after killing the flames! =P
To bring the car away from this place, happened way more complicated than necessary … it was only for 700 meters and we’ve been at the end about 10 persons.
Still they spent 15 minutes putting a cable from the car to a truck, rather than just pulling it with man power to my home.
So on, Marlene decided to sleep over here and got back home today’s morning. =)
My girl friend already got her vacations for next week approved and as the car got a bit too hot, we will go to San Marcos by bus.
Have to go now an check the bus prices, to find a good deal! =)
Marlene’s car is pretty sure totally broken – I think, it’s cheaper getting a new used car, than repairing all cables and melt tubes, of this old one.
Can’t wait for next week – it will just become amazing! It already started yesterday to be an adventure! ^^
Just booked my flight to Finland a minute ago and now will search for bus tickets … – more information coming soon! ;)

2 thoughts on “a hot night in Antigua, Guatemala! =P”

  1. …scheint ein heißes Pfalster zu sein, dort in Guatemala…;-)
    Ich hoffe, ihr seid mittlerweile gut in San Marcos angekommen und könnt die Zeit dort genießen…
    Wann geht denn dein Flug nach Finnland…und von wo weg…?
    Alles Liebe,

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