Saturday night fever in Antigua, Guatemala! =D

On Saturday I’ve had to get up at 7:30am, as I’ve planned to do 4 hours of Spanish class in the morning, with my teacher Pedro.
When I’ve showed up at school, after only sleeping three hours, Pedro and I decided to not learn today. We first spent an hour in talking about all kind of stuff and then went with the bus to San Antonio at 9am.
Over there, we’ve checked out the market, as Pedro told me, this one is better than the one in Antigua. We actually had planned this trip for Saturdays afternoon.
So on, I’ve returned back to home at midday and went after lunch at 1pm to bed again.
I’ve slept nearly until 6:30pm, with a break in between.
Then I’ve got up, to get ready for the party tonight.
Marlene came, to pick me up around 8pm and after a mission impossible (searching in Antigua at Saturdays night for a parking spot ^^ – kind like at home – just impossible in downtown ;) we’ve first been to our favourite dancing location. Later on, we’ve enjoyed in a different location dancing and rocking to a cool live band, which also played very nice Salsa music! =)
It was a very nice party night, from which I’ve returned at 4:15am back to home! ^^ =D
Today I’ve slept very long into the day, as it took me until 12pm, to get up! =P
Now going to train juggling with my hacky sack’s – I’m getting better and better! ;)

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