life is going good! =D

Life is going good over here! =)
I’m daily in Spanish school, enjoy the atmosphere over here and meet my friend Marlene in the afternoon.
Actually my Spanish knowledge is growing slower than I hoped, but I can notice, that couple of points are already working.
On Tuesday, Marlene and I went to a tailor, as we’ve got an invitation from Betty to her university graduating party.
We found a nice dress, the tylore (a cool guy) will make a short for me and it shouldn’t cost me anything (or much) to borrow this stuff – Marlene organizes it and I can trust her for 100%! =)
Today, my teacher Pedro and I decided, to add an extra hour to the lunch break and study in the afternoon until 5pm, rather than 4pm, as he wanted to watch the UEFA cup final game! =b
The evening turned out to be very nice, as Marlene was her like usually and we’ve trained how to dance a waltz.
Todays evening I’ve decided, that I will stay another extra two weeks over here! =D
As side effect, it hopefully will work on my Spanish skills as well! ;)
Today was probably the last quiet day for this week …
Tomorrow I will go with Markene shopping for nice shoes and a tie, before we will check out Antigua’s night life.
On Friday, we might be first at a free music event of an Austrian orchester, which takes a short stop here in Guatemala. – and later on, we will be at the university party.
On Saturday, I will have school in the morning, drive to anywhere with Pedro in the afternoon (we will check out the Market in a town, I never remember the name …) and check out Antigua’s night life with Marlene in the evening.
It’s amazing, even I’m staying here such long, time is passing by so extremly fast … – it still feels like three days, that I’ve left my home in February 2009 …
Now I have to catch up some sleep, to be fit for the next days! ;)
Good night everybody!

One thought on “life is going good! =D”

  1. hallo Sebastian, auch wenn Du langsamer lernst als erhofft, es reicht sicher, um mit Marlene eine schöne Zeit zu haben, gratuliere, viele schöne Stunden wünscht Dir O- Michi

    take it esy, take care

    love michael

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