party night fever in Antigua, Guatemala =D

Yesterday night was awesome !!! =D
To cut it down to one statement: just perfect! =)
In the morning of Saturday the 23rd of May 2009, I stood up early like most days over here, as I had 4 hours of Spanish school this day.
After school ended, I’ve done a short shopping tour and then relaxed in the afternoon.
… trained Spanish, juggling and did about 1 1/4 hours of Yoga.
At 9pm (well, actually 9:20pm =P) Marlene and I went out for party. We’ve first checked out the same dancing location, we’ve been at last Thursday. It was amazing! The same good band, but this time many many people. Couple of them were professional dancers and you could see, that they have been to dance school before. But even we never been to dance school together (and I’m not professional in dancing Salsa -well now I’m ;), it was easy to keep up with them. We danced just amazing good and had really great fun! =)
After the band stopped playing, we’ve changed to another bar, where as well a live band was playing. It was really cool, as there were many people until the very end.
In Antigua all the bars and restaurants are closing at 1am – as far as I’ve heard, it’s from then on illegal, to sell anymore alcohol.
Anyway, it was already 2:30am, when I’ve finally came back home, after a perfect party night with a super nice (and sweet ;) person! =D
Can’t wait until the next weekend!

Today I’ve slept very long into the morning, enjoyed lunch at a very nice restaurant, I’ve found, when I searched for a place to eat with my friends Ori and Yaara from Israel. I ended up talking a lot with the manager of this place about business.
After a short shopping tour to the supermarket, I’ve spent the afternoon by learning Spanish vocabularies.
Just finished my homework and I’m now just about to go to bed.
– good night everybody! ;)

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