EU voting from Guatemala =P

Today flow by as fast as the last days! I can’t believe, I’m already here since a whole week !!!
I’ve spent today after school about an hour, by typing an Spanish e-mail to Marlene and later on, by improving my Spanish speak by talking with her a lot. (or improving her English skills =P)
Tomorrow I plan to find out the best post way from Austria to over here – Antigua, Guatemala – as I intend to take part at the Europa voting and have to send a DVD full of photos to home.
I’ve just checked out
to find out, which party I should vote for. Quite interesting, that all big parties have lost at the quiz, I’ve taken …
It seems like some parties, which are good for doing politic in Austria, might not be the right ones for the Europa platform.
I’ve did the quiz three times with different point of views about some topics.
I would highly recomment everybody, to first check out before going to the vote, as the Europa platform is much different than the Austria political play ground.
The party, you usually vote for Austria, might not be the right one for the Europa level. Which one agrees most with your point of views, will the website tell you! ;)
By side of the point, that I please everybody to inform themselfs, before going to the vote, I ask everybody, who got the possibility, to do so and take part at the vote! In the past, a lot of people have fought for our right to vote – so let us do it! =)
I’m looking forward, to see, if it works also from Guatemala! ;)

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