going through Belize

On the next morning, Sunday the 10th of May 2009, I’ve got up quite early around 7:30am.
I’ve asked in the hostel, which would be the best way to go to Belize City and ended up taking the cheaper and more crazy way.
There are buses leaving from the big bus station or the market. I caught a taxi to the market, which took me two tries. The first taxi would have taken me to over there for 3 US$, but I’ve informed myself in the hostel, how much it should cost. I finally went with the second taxi for 14 Pesos, which is less than 1 Euro (17 Pesos ~ 1 Euro) – so it was more or less about one US$! ;)
At the market, I’ve found the bus, which was basically and very old US school bus! =P
I had to wait almost 45 minutes, until the bus left. As Chetumal is almost on the Mexican-Belize border, it didn’t took us long to get there.
Over there we first had to get off the bus without our packages at the Mexican border, to show them our passport. As I’m not from Mexico, they asked me to pay 10 US$, to leave Mexico. I’ve already heard about that and only put 9 US$ in my wallet, which was enough for them and they taken it, without complaining about it! =P
(did exchange in Cancun couple of Pesos, so I had a total of US$ 100,- with me, as Daniel recommended me to do that ;)
One minute later, we had to get off the bus again and bring our stuff with us. At the Belize border, everybody (of course not the citizen of Belize) had to pay 30 Belize Dollars border-working fee. One US$ are two Belize Dollars – so it was 15 US$ … (as the Belize Dollar is bound to the US Dollar, it’s quite easy to calculate and cool, as you can really find a 2-Belize-Dollar-Bill there ;)
From there on, I’ve just sat the whole day in the bus. I used one of the short stops, to get some lunch and finally arrived around 3pm in Belize City.
I’ve not even left the bus station, (really didn’t looked nice there) only went quickly to the toilet and took the next bus into the direction of the Guatemala border. This bus was a bit smaller and I’ve done good with taking a seat in the front. After half of the drive, someone used the toilet in the back to pie – the toilet, which didn’t existed! =P
So it started to smell really bad in the back and all the people slowly moved, to sit more in the front! ^^
I finally arrived there, anywhere about 11km from the Guatemala border around 6pm. I still don’t have an idea, which town it was, but as it was Sunday, I could only have taken a normal taxi to the border.
As that would have been the more expensive option and I’ve known, that I have no idea, where I exactly would stay in Guatemala, I’ve decided to spent a night there.
I walked through the city and first found a place, single room with shared bathroom for US$ 10, but finally found an even much nicer one for the same price.
There was a small supermarket next to my hotel and so I bought some toast bread and beans for dinner.
I actually thought about checking out the city, but it started to rain and I’ve been so tired from the travelling, that I went early to bed.

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