the last day at Isla Mujeres

On the next morning, I’ve got up very late – after taking a shower, it was already midday! =P
Dave, who rent a mopet on the island, picked me up as planned in the hostel and we went first of all to eat something. We enjoyed very good Sushi in his favourite restaurant – the same bar, we’ve been yesterday! =D
From there, we drove to the south end of the island and stopped by a tiny church. On the south side, we’ve visited Richart, who has built his own island. Richart is an amazing person, you can feel the happiness comming from inside out.
It’s actually already the third island Richart has built.
He takes just a lot of plastic bottles, puts on top sand and trees. the trees are growing in between all the bottles to the water and keeping everything even more together. He’s just using, what people bring with them and he has a wonderful big house there on his own swimming island. This is event jumped right into the top 10 list of the most amazing things and people, I’ve seen and met so far!
Later on, Mike and his friend as well joint us on the island (Mike is most time in the hostel and I’ve spoken with him there before – but he is living on his own little house boat. Finally we’ve been 6 people on the plastic bottle island, enjoying self made ice cream and talking about the secret of life.
It was awesome, but sadly Dave and I had to leave soon, as he had to return the Mopet at 5pm.
We drove over the south side and I’ve shown Dave the secret free beach, I’ve been at snorkling with Daniel, Laura and Susanna. We also stopped couple of minutes at another beach, so Dave could fill up a bottle of sea water. That’s where I’ve taken this photo – it’s the area, you usually don’t go swimming.
Dave and I brought the Mopet back, checked out the supermarket and church, and returned to the hostel, to play some beach volleyball.
It was a great game together with a couple from England and another couple from Sweden. Later on, Dave had to return back home and I went with my new friends from Sweden to the beach, to meet all my friends from the Switzerland and enjoy a great sunset. Also Dave joint us there and we decided to meet again at the beach party. Following that, I’ve been with my friends from Sweden to the supermarket and we went for dinner at our favourite restaurant, where we met Susanna and Sebastian. (he is from Argentina)
When we returns back to the hostel shortly before 10pm, I quickly copied some pictures for Susanna on the computer, by enjoying the live drums music. After the live music has ended, it would have taken couple of minutes, until the beach bar started and so on, Dave and I went another time for a beer to his favourite bar. I planned to go earlier to bed today and so on, it was my only beer for tonight.
When we returned later, the beach bar was already a great party. I started chatting with my beach volleyball friends from England and we’ve ended up talking until early in the morning. I think, it was about 3am, when I had to say good bye to everyone!
It was kind of hard, as I’ve found couple of really good friends and even I plan to return to this great place soon, many of them won’t be there anymore. It was as well Dave’s last day and Daniel from the Switzerland planned to leave as well (he does so since a week – it’s always “tomorrow” =P)
I think, I’ve been only able to leave, because I told myself all the time, that I will be back in about 5 weeks or so (hopefully with much better Spanish skills ;)
Here is a picture of my friend Dave from the USA:

3 thoughts on “the last day at Isla Mujeres”

  1. Hi, Sebastian, I go to Lintsching today, oma is here to pick me up, hope to have some nice days to get better with my recovery,

    wil walk around with oma a lot P

    take care

    love O michi

  2. That’s good! =)
    How long are you staying there?
    Did Ines already got home?
    I will take my route on today and hopefully see great caves tomorrow – I’m already in Guantemala – will work today, to update the past days over here! ;)
    big hug,

  3. Hi sebastian, Ines is home since saturday, the baby is verry cude, we visited them today, everything seems to be fine

    jutta will pick me up monday

    take care

    oma+ mike

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