a great party night! =)

On the 7th of May 2009, after I published my changing plans post, we went as a big group of 6 people for dinner to our favourite Mexican restaurant. With us was Dave, a cool buddy from California, USA.
After dinner, Dave and I went to buy a beer, as he had a 100 USD bill, he wanted to change to Pesos. Following that, we’ve stopped by Dave’s favourite bar and later on checked out the beach bar. Because of the flu, the beach bar at the Poc.na hostel was closed so far -and the opening was a well done event. I actually already have started packing my stuff, but then realized during the party, that leaving will be an impossible mission.
Dave invited me to check out an amazing little island on the next day and so I decided to definitely stay! =D
The party was just amazing and I think, I finally got to bed around 5am.
Well, that’s the problem with the time at Isla Mujeres. When I arrived over a week ago, I put my watch off from my hand and never returned it. You really don’t need a time plan there. If you want to set a meeting point, it’s always saying “let’s meet in the morning/lunch/afternoon/late afternoon/night @ the hostel (that’s than the front area at the computers)/the beach (just walk along it – you always find your friends easily)/the church(the city;)”
It always works, that you never get lost and meet at the end, who ever you plan to see. Well, not too hard, as the island is only 8km long! =P

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