having a wonderful time

Yesterday was a nice day! The day didn’t started with Yoga, as it was Sunday and Laura had her free day! =P
I went with my friend Daniel from the Switzerland to the beach, where we’ve met Laura and many other friends.
I enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach and Daniel taught me, how to juggle. After 20 minutes, I’ve already done very well! =)
We enjoyed dinner, live music and the party at the Poc.na hostel. Later on, they started the big camp fire, we’ve enjoyed again a great fire show and I finally went after a late night trip to the beach at 5am to bed.
Today I’ve got up around 11am and we’ve decided, to go snorkling after Yoga.
Laura, who has been here already a bit longer, knew a secret beach on the other side of the island, which doesn’t belong to the big tourismus water park and is free. Laura (from Canada), Susana (from Czech Republic), Daniel (from Switzerland) and I (hope you know, what should stand here! ;), took a taxi to there and enjoyed couple of hours snorkling, swimming and relaxing. It was wonderful and I’ve seen amazing many fishes, swimming so close to me.
We returned with the bus and after my second Salsa lesson (which was very long, as our teacher been very motivated today) we went as group of 7 people for dinner. It was a real Mexican restaurant, wasn’t expensive and the food was just SOOO good!
Right now I’m sitting here at the party (today we have again a live band playing here amazing on there drums) and quickly typing down my experiences.
Just returned now after hanging out at the beach again and uploading this post! =)
good night everybody! ;)

One thought on “having a wonderful time”

  1. Sebastia, good, that you are having great times butt: watch your head when juggling-:)

    love oma&mike

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