arriving in Tulum, Mexico

When we’ve arrived on Monday morning, the 27th of April in Tulum, we checked in at the International Youth Hostel.
As it’s a tourism place, prices are usually a bit higher, but still cheap. (paying 120 Pesos a night = 7 Euro)
Badly, there are quite a lot of mosquito’s around here. One hour after we arrived, I’ve already could count 4 stings on my legs. The mosquito’s over here could include a Malaria virus, but they told us, that the last chase was about 20 years ago. (and I remember, that this place was coloured yellow, when I’ve informed myself before my travel at the Tropeninstitut in Vienna)
In case I will get sick, I will anyway go directly to the hospital, as it could also be the new type of swine flu virus, which is going around.
We enjoyed the Atlantic beach, which is here just Amazing !!!
I’ve never been at such a type of clean and wonderful sand beach! I would highly recommend everybody, to check out this side. The mosquito’s are not the problem – you can protect yourself quite a bit against them …
I’ve already sprayed a whole Autan anti-mosquito-bottle on myself, within less than 24 hours! =P
Later on, I went to the supermarket, bought some meet to grill and had a nice barbecue dinner, with some friends from England.
I went to bed very late in the evening, slept very well and got up as last person in our 14 bed’s dorm.
I slept really wonderful good – I guess, I’ve been very tired and maybe drugged from the much mosquito spray, I’ve used! =P

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