going to the Canyon

On Saturday, we had to get up at 7am, to have breakfast and start our booked trip to the Canion at 8am.
It took us about 40 minutes, until we’ve reached the boats.
We got a wonderful tour on the water of the big Sumidero Canion with a special speed boat. Our tour guide stopped couple of times, to show us amazing things and animales, like crocodiles, many birds and cool formed rocks.
It was a very nice tour and later on, we stopped for about an hour with the bus in a traditional Mexican village.
It didn’t looked to amazing to me, as I’ve already seen a lot of those, looking similar, in between Torreon and Mexico City.
After we returned back to San Cristobal, Chloe, Isaura, Anna and I went for lunch in a very cool Mexican restaurant.
Later on, Chloe and I walked through the city, up the hill to one church and up another hill to a different church. At the second hill, we’ve searched shortly for a Geocache, but as the last 5 people haven’t found it and lightning started, we gave up and started walking back.
We stopped in downtown for a good coffee and walked slowly back to the hostel.
On the next day, Isaura, Anna and I decided to move on and get up once more very early in the morning. Even we’ve known, we will have to get up around 4:30am, we stood awake quite long into the night! =P

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