going to Oaxaca, Mexico

After buying the bus ticket, yesterdays afternoon between 6 and 7pm, I’ve started to pack my stuff again, to leave.
Ahmed returned at 9pm to home and together with Bronson and Nate, we went for dinner at the hamburger restaurant “Hollywood Hamburger”.
This restaurant was already found in 1961 and is located directly below Ahmed’s flat. I’ve already have enjoyed a burger from there before and all I can say is just “wow”! It’s definitely an insider travel tip, to check out this restaurant, where burgers are made with such endless much love! =)
I finally left Ahmed’s place at 10:30pm and took the subway to the big bus station.
Ahmed was an amazing couch host, I had a lot of fun there and will definitely stop by again, next time I travel over Mexico City! =)
… and also enjoy another Hollywood burger! ^^ =P
I’ve arrived at the bus station about 45 minutes to early and my bus left exactly in time at 11:59pm.
I haven’t had this time as much luck as at my last bus drive, as this time an old guy was sitting next to me! =P
I tried to sleep, but somehow I’ve always only been half sleeping.

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