didn’t went to Miami, as I had to search for Mexican eggs in a supermarket …

Monday, the 20th of April 2009 was an unlucky day …
I got up at 7am, to make everything ready to leave, as my flight was leaving from Mexico City at 10:55am. I travelled with the subway to the airport and had to walk over there endless, until I reached the right gate. When I finally arrive there, after this long jouney, I had only about 50 minutes left, before my flight supposted to take off.
I finally got to the check in desk, where they told me, that I’m too late, as they close the flight over an hour before the take off. I had to go to the supervisor, who might can change it, but the woman there only told me, it’s to late. I have to go back to the office of the Mexicana airline, where they will see, what they could do with my ticket.
As I bought the cheapest deal, there wasn’t any refund and to change the flight date, would have cost at least a changing fee of USD 170. I could have taken the next flight for another USD 500, in case I would have needed to badly go to Miami.
As I’ve payed for my ticket USD 140, I decided, that the cheapest way would be to buy another ticket, couple of days in advance.
I wondered so far, that I always had good luck with my flights. People always tell me, how bad there flight was, that it didn’t work, or that there luggage never arrived. I guess out of 100 times, one (maybe even more) flight has to go wrong.
I’m happy, that it was this flight, where it doesn’t matter, if I arrive ever in Miami or not and where I haven’t lost too much money! (compared to a bigger and more expensive flight like to Europe or Japan ;)
I don’t really care too much about it, as I take the best out of the situation and decided already 5 minutes later, that this is a great chance, to continue traveling through Mexico.
I went online with my iPhone at the airport and told Ahmed over Facebook, what happened. Glad fully it wasn’t any problem for him, if I stay couple of days longer at his couch! =)
I returned to his flat and started cooking lunch together with our friend, a professional photographer from the USA.
We cooked delicious eggs with Tacos.
I’ve then spent a long time, surfing the web and looking up, where I want to exactly travel to next.
Went later for a walk, to explore the area more and bought some sweet cookies with me. Surfed the web again and went to the supermarket, to usually buy a Pizza there.
Well, when I’ve been there, I found a big French bread and decided, together with Salami and Philadelphia, it will make a perfect sandwich.
As it was my unlucky day, I haven’t found an ATM machine on the way to over there and so on, I only had about 67 Mexican Pesos left. I asked a girl at the bread section, if she might speaks English and if she could tell me, how much one of those sandwiches would be. It turned out, that she was from Paris and her English was perfect! =)
We started talking and she told me, that there is an ATM machine right in the supermarket.
When I’ve left the flat, I only took my yellow bank card with me and had to find out, infront of the ATM machine, that I did bad and took my yellow car insurance “ÖAMTC” card with me – which wouldn’t work very well with the ATM! =P
So I returned to the middle of the shop, to search again the prices of the things, I was going to bye. Actually the French girl has already made her way to the paying desks, but suddenly she was as well back in the middle of the shop.
She has forgotten to buy eggs. Following this, two Europeans where running blind through a big Mexican supermarket, searching for the eggs.
I’ve got the feeling of Easter time and guessed, the eggs must be close to the place of the milk and butter.
But as the eggs where very tricky, they have been hidden on the opposite side of the store. Right next to nothing, in a very small case.
Anyway, the French girl offered to help me out of my situation and told me, to pay right infront of her, so that she could lend me money, in case I don’t have enough.
Glad fully, I’ve calculated right and it matched perfectly! ;)
It was very nice, to run together with another European through a Mexican supermarket and definitely a cool adventure.
By side of the fact, that her English was the best, I’ve ever heard a French person speaking! ;)
I returned home, had a very good dinner and ended up, talking with Bronson and and his friend, by enjoying a beer.
It was after all a positive and nice day.
I will soon take on traveling to Oaxaca, where I probably will meet Isaura and Anna.
I also will soon upload more information about my first day in Mexico City! – already working on it ;)

3 thoughts on “didn’t went to Miami, as I had to search for Mexican eggs in a supermarket …”

  1. Sebastian! I’m sorry to hear about your flight. You have to check in an hour early? I don’t think I would catch any flights in Mexico!

    Also: I found your post about the buses in Mexico very interesting–it’s good to know they are so comfortable.

    I see you are headed more south now, and not to Miami… so where will you end up? Guatemala? Chile? Antarctica? :P

  2. Haha – if I always continue going south, I will return on the other side (Africa ?!?) going up to the north side again! =P
    … sounds like a crazy trip – oh god – I should stop thinking about it … – now I really want to do it ^^ ;)
    Imagine, we two woud travel through Mexico – we would spent extremly much money on missed-flight-tickets =P
    Btw, check out http://www.tinyurl.com/mapsebi – a larger version of my travel map ;)
    Just arrived glad at my Hostel in Oaxaca (what a cool name ;) – the bus ride was like always in Mexico good, but haven’t had this time an such interesting person sitting next to me =P
    Talk to you soon Cowgirl ;)

  3. Sebastian, das wäre die ideale Reise für oder mit oma, gar nicht auszudenken durch welche höllen die arme ginge

    have good times going on

    love mike

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