Mexico City

After taking a shower, going for lunch and a short nap, because I haven’t slept a lot during my long night jouney, we went out in the evening to meet John.
He had an old couple from the USA as guests at his flat and we all went together for dinner in a good restaurant. It’s great, that everybody over here talks a perfect English, which on the other side doesn’t help my Spanish a lot! =P
Ahmed and I then went to a bar, to enjoy a beer and wait on his friends. To tell the story shortly,his friend, who came from the USA to teach over here, is just a really cool and crazy buddy!
We enjoyed a great evening and ended up, having another beer at 3am in a park close to Ahmed’s flat.
On the next day we slept long into the morning. As long, that it was midday, when we finally got up and had breakfast. As Ahmed had to work on a project, I decided to first surf a bit the web and answer all my e-mails, and later check out Mexico City.
I finally left the flat at 3pm and took the subway to the centre. As it was Sunday, there was glad fully not much traffic in the subway system.
I first visited the Palazio international and then checked out the big church. Over there I’ve met Marlon from Brazil, who works for a month in Mexico City. We walked together a bit around in this area, but to be honest, there is not so much to see there. I’ve also visited the heightest city tower of Mexico City. Today wasn’t too hot, as it was the first cloudy day I’ve had here so far.

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