in the desert – temples and a broken car =P

When we got up on Saturday midday, we made our way into the city, to watch the festival. It must have been once more something like “Fasching” in Austria, translated into the Mexican version. Cowboys were riding through the streets and at 1 o’clock pm, they started to light puppets, which were hanging on the cabels above the street. The puppets looked like cowboys too and where built mainly with paper. Inside they were filled with fireworks and so on, after a cowboy has light on of them, it started to rotate and finally explode with a very loudly “peng” noise.
It was a very great gexperience to watch this!
Later on, we drove to Maya temples into the middle of the desert. Well, I’m not so sure, if the originale people who used to live there many years ago, are really called Maya’s, but at least, they where originale Mexicans! ;)
It was very impressive and nice to walk, hike and climb through this area. I searched for couple of minutes for a Geocache, but because of a lazy cache description and thousand possible places to hide the box, nobody has found it so far.
We actually have planned to leave on Sunday morning to home. But our journey should end after about 15 minutes.
We drove over a very large stone, who was laying in the middle of the route. It has hit a hole into the oil container of the car. After couple of minutes, the car has lost all it’s oil and we had to stop.
The relatives of Andreas dad picked us up in the desert and we returned to the place, we have started from todays morning.
Andreas parent have stood at the car, which was delivered in the evening to the same place.
At this point, I want to point out, that driving in Mexico might seems easier than in Austria, but definitely is harder than in the USA. Because of the far distances through the desert, you better always concentrate for 100% on the street, as you might have to deal suddenly with an extra challenge. Like deep holes, big stones or the many little hills, which are telling you to slow down in the cities.

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