going to Jerez, Mexico

Friday was pretty much just driving. We had a long way before us, as we planned to drive until Jerez.
We stopped first in Paracho, a town which is specialized in building guitars. I’ve taken the chance and decided spontaneity, to buy a guitar. I took the smallest guitar size, I could get, which is still quite big. It is a beautiful new and nice guitar + soft cover bag and as it only has cost me pretty much exactly 30 Euro, it was a great deal.
Next stop was an old church and a beautiful garden before we enjoyed the beach at Laguna de Chapala, at the (I think) biggest lake in Mexico.
We didn’t went swimming, as we all don’t trust in the water quality of these lakes. Probably because of the colour it has! =P
We enjoyed the very crazy and busy beach life there and went for dinner in a restaurant, before we forwarded our trip.
From there on, we drove pretty much without any breaks to Jerez, which we reached after 1 o’clock in the morning.
In Jerez, Juan’s aunt has a big house and offered us a place to stay at.
We quickly went to bed and slept until nearly midday of the next day! ;)

3 thoughts on “going to Jerez, Mexico”

  1. über die Wasserqualität in diesem Gebiet: umba umbarassa umbaumbarassa Negeraufstand ist in Kuba, Schüss gellen durch die Nacht und im Teich da schwimmen Tote, wie verkehrte Butterbrote, und der gelbe Leichensaft, gibt den kleinen Negern Kraft Sebastian:take care on you
    have a nice Day

    love o michi

  2. Haha – geniale Kombination mit wunderbar schwarzen Humor! =P
    Danke! Werd versuchen, best möglichst auf mich aufzupassen! ;)
    Bussal SEBI=)
    PS: vermisse die Österreichische Wasserqualität! ^^

  3. lieber Sebastian, daß Du die Österreichische Wasserqualität vermißt isrt nachvollziehar, das geht mir auch immer so

    , never he less, have a good time love and hugs from all of us o,a and marlies wil be back tomorrow since now they sound happy

    love and hugs o michi

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