going over Mexico City

On Wednesday and Thursday I haven’t done much. Andrea and I went for a ice cream, we have met there grandparents and I’ve finally been able to use the Internet again! ^^
Today Andreas dad received a call, that there car is fixed and ready to pick up in Zacatecas.
So on, Andreas parents will take the bus tomorrow evening to over there and Andrea and her sisters will stay for two nights at there grandparents.
I’ve decided, that it will be easier, to move on and also cheaper for me, to fly from Mexico City to Miami, Florida.
So on I’ve posted an emergency couch call on the couch surfing project, to find a place to stay in Mexico City. It once more has shown me, how amazing and good this project works, as I found fast couple of people, who where offering me a place to stay! =)
This project just rocks !!! ;)
So on I went couple of hours ago to the bus station, together with Andreas parents, to buy a bus ticket from Torreon to Mexico City. They bought at the same time there ticket from here to Zacatecas and will take as well one of the luxery night busses.
I will take a night bus through tomorrow night from Torreon to Mexico City, spent the weekend there, and already booked my flight for Monday to Miami, Florida! =)

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