After a big breakfast in a restaurant, we started today with taking the gondola lift to the top of the mountain. At the top (La Bufa) we searched for a Geocache, which wasn’t there any more. Also the last three persons, who have searched for it, haven’t found it. But the next Geocache wasn’t far from there. The description told us, that it should be on the half way up the mountain. Unluckily, we’ve taken the wrong way down and so we had to hike again quite a far way up, to reach the certain location.
Finally we reached the position, where we should find the cache and after searching for about 20 minutes, I found it hanging in a tree! =)
After we went for dinner in a Pizzeria, we were full of motivation to search for the next Geocache. In the description it told, that the last 3 persons haven’t found it, but as it was located very close to our hotel, we thought, that we will give it a try. And we where right! Only searching for 10 minutes, I found it hanging in a tree.
After relaxing a bit in our hotel room, we enjoyed just like yesterday the city in the evening. Starting with a very good ice cream experience, and then we’ve taken on, tasting all kind of interesting and sometimes also a bit crazy food.
When we returned late to the hotel, I was able to shortly get Internet access, to read my e-mails.
I can survive without water, I can survive without food – but not without Internet! ^^ =P

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