Review of Boston

The city where our daily knowledge gets created.
When I’ve arrived in Boston, I didn’t know, that it’s the main city of Universities in the USA. Not only the tomorrows technology and history starts here, also in the past, Boston light up the way for everybody else.
It’s the city, where you can find the history of the United States of America. Where the idea of being liberty and becoming one big nation was born.
Even the history of the USA seems to be quite young in the eyes of an European, it’s still very impressive, what this big country was going through.
The Harvard University, one of the most popular Universities of the world, has already found it’s place here, before the USA was officially born. It seems, like the good ideas of our western society are getting a last time proven by the Universities, before they will be passed on to everybody. For each field, you can find Universities, experts and professors here.
That Boston is the last step, to create something new, is shown by many examples. It needed a tea party, to create a new country, there subway system was the first tunnel system in North America and with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) almost each Astronaut from the USA started his mission here.
The business network of the Harvard University, is definitely one of the economic engines for the western world.
Most of the Nobel Prize winners are linked to Harvard and even the first Microsoft Windows code was written there.
Boston as Capitol of the Universities and there work, has formed our history in the past and is working right now, to create our future. The Universities and all the smart people, meeting here at this wonderful place, to think about tomorrow. Boston is, by side of New York City, for sure one of the big engines for our society and the real American dream.
Boston is a beautiful green and clean city. The people are very friendly, as everybody seems to be just guest in this nice city, for the time he or she is studying about a certain problem or challenge. Some people I’ve met were very much focused on there work, which is there job and the reason, why they are at exactly this point of time at that place!

A wonderful place, where the American thinking was born and still gets created.

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