going into the desert …

On Sunday, we checked out the desert.
We drove pretty much straight through the desert, until we reached a very huge ranch. It’s an old wine factory, which belongs to a big family. We stopped there, as the whole area was very pretty. In the middle of wonderful green trees and flowed, we took a lot of nice pictures.
Next stop was Parras, where we went extreme Geocaching.
In the middle of the desert, a little bit off the city/village, we had to hike to the top of a small mountain. Just to get closer to the mountain, we had to take a very extreme desert road. Glad fully the new car (Renault Megane Hatchback) was able to manage the situation best and brought us to the location, from where we started our hiking tour in the hot sun.
It was a 15 minutes hike, on a small, straight track to the top of the hill. The girls and I started to hike and the parents came about 15 minutes after us. As I didn’t plan to let this day be the end of my world tour, we watched out to not step on rattle snakes, spiders or penguins!
Finally everybody reached the top of the hill and as team of six people, we searched for the plastic box. Juan, Andreas father, found the box, covered below couple of stones, close to a tree, just like told in the cache description.
Once more we have made a FTF! =)
After this great Geocaching family event, we continued our trip to a small sand desert, in the middle of the Mexican desert.
I never been at a real sand desert. It was great, to run, jump, slide and roll through the sand – and after I’ve even felt sand in my underpants, we returned home from a nice day in the hot desert.

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